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Phil Collins love triangle takes another odd twist

The divorce of British rocker Phil Collins’ ex-wife has become the type of salacious breakup that could only happen in Miami Beach.

Orianne Collins, Phil’s third ex-wife and his current live-in girlfriend according to court papers in Miami, filed for divorce here in January against her current husband, Euro-slick local contractor Charles Mejjati.

But with the ex-lovebirds filing and counter-filing motions for things as simple as a weekend trip with their 4-year-old son, the documents are showcasing juicy tidbits that have found their ways into London tabloids.

For example, Mejjati reveals in one motion that his Miami-based company, Vista Construction & Remodeling, actually built the love nest that would eventually become Phil and Orianne Collins’.

How so?

When the former Genesis frontman bought Jennifer Lopez’s old mansion on North Bay Road for $33 million in June 2015, he needed to give the old structure some nips and tucks.

So, Phil called on his ex-wife Orianne’s husband, Mejjati, who apparently did a bang-up job.

So good indeed that, by the fall, Orianne had abandoned the Sunset Islands mansion she shared with Mejjati and moved in with Phil — never mind that she divorced Collins in 2008 in Europe and got $46 million in alimony and child support.

Wait, there’s more.

Mejjati agreed to watch his child with Orianne and Phil and Orianne’s two boys last summer while Orianne was off in Europe, according to the file.

So happens she was cruising the Mediterranean on a yacht with Phil so they could patch things up.

And when Phil and Orianne came back from Europe, Mejjati (according to the court documents) then helped Orianne move her furniture to Phil’s place.

Orianne’s recent filings, meanwhile, indicate Mejjati allegedly kept a lot of things she left behind on her way south to North Bay Road.

One of her motions was to force Mejjati to give up two of her cars, a BMW 1 and a BMW X6.

And another document claims Mejjati may have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry that his wife allegedly left in his house.

The lawyers involved remained mum Tuesday when asked to comment.

© Miami Herald, by Jose Lambiet

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