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Phil Collins talks coming back, books first 2016 concert

Phil Collins talks coming back, books first 2016 concert

Phil Collins has announced his first comeback show for 2016. The Genesis drummer and ‘80s solo superstar, has a single date now on the books for March 11th at Miami, Florida’s Fillmore Miami Beach At Jackie Gleason Theater.

Collins, who recently underwent back surgery and is unable to play drums, had pushed back the release date of his inaugural solo album reissues, 1981’s Face Value and 1993’s Both Sides to January 2016.

Collins spoke about his comeback to The Guardian and explained that he’s slowly getting his chops back: "The voice is alright, it hasn’t broken yet. That’s the main thing, considering a lot of people don’t even know I play drums, I could get away with it. It would piss me off because it’s the reason I started doing this in the first place but I’m not sure anyone else would care."

He admitted that the music scene today is a world away from his solo heyday 30 years ago, when he snagged the coveted Grammy for Album of The Year for No Jacket Required, saying, "I look at the MTV Music Awards and I think: 'I can’t be in the same business as this.’ It seems OK to say you like me now, which is nice.  . . I really love it when someone says something as simple as 'I love that song.’ That’s all I want. It’s not important. But it’s nice."

On a possible Genesis reunion with Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, he said, "I’d love to do it but it puts a bit of a kibosh on it if I can’t play the drums. There is no reason why the three of us can’t get back together, though. We still get along, always have done."

Collins, who plans on recording his first original album since 2002’s Testify, spoke frankly about why he’s gone under the radar in recent years, revealing: "My life was messy and I kind of viewed my career as the enemy. I wanted to be there for the kids. Then the bloody woman leaves me and moves to Miami. It left a big hole. I felt I was owed the right to sit on a sofa and watch television, because I had never done that. I started to drink. I was a bit miserable but I was also enjoying it. But I hurt myself with the drinking, my health suffered, so I had to cut that out. I haven’t had a drink in three years. And here I am now."

Although he's often been criticized for saying yes to everything in the 1980's, Phil Collins told us says that looking back, he wished he'd accepted Pete Townshend's offer to drum for the Who. Collins had been asked been asked to join the band during their 1989 reunion tour, and while between solo and Genesis projects, passed on the opportunity in order to have some down time with his family.

Phil Collins now says that in hindsight, he could've fit the Who gig into his schedule: "Well I . . . it's silly. I just couldn't take the time off. I wish I had of done now. I think I would've been the drummer the Who needed. But; having said that, now, Zak Starkey is fantastic, he's wonderful."

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