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Phil Collins Has Never Heard of Coachella

Phil Collins Has Never Heard of Coachella
Phil Collins doesn't want to play Coachella. Mostly, because he's not exactly sure what it is. Since 2011, loyal Collins fans have been petitioning to get their favorite singer on the bill of the Indio, California fest.
But at the premiere of the Carole King musical, Beautiful on Sunday night (Jan. 12) the "In the Air Tonight" singer admitted to Vulture that he wasn't privy of the petition or the festival itself. "I don't know it," he told the publication.

After Vulture briefly explained what Coachella is to Collins, the singer said he wasn't interested in playing the festival anytime soon. But as Justin Bieber so wisely said, never say never.

"If ever I come back and do shows, I'll be thinking about it, rehearsing for it," Collins explained. "A festival is not the place to go for my first show after I've been out for a while."

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