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Lily Collins' Dad Phil Prepared Her For Fame

Lily Collins has told Sky News how her father's fame helped her prepare for a career in the entertainment industry.

The Love, Rosie actress said she was "proud" and "inspired" by her dad, the musician Phil Collins, and said his success in the music industry gave her an insight into what lay ahead.

She said: "I experienced and saw the good and the bad and I entered into this knowing there's bad with the good so I think that helped me deal with stuff."

With a series of high profile films behind her, including Mirror Mirror and Mortal Instruments, this knowledge has no doubt helped the 25-year-old deal with the increased media attention.

She is often the subject of paparazzi snaps, particularly in her home city Los Angeles, and speculation about her personal life.

Collins said she finds it "bizarre" that everyday actions such as getting out of a car would be "talked about".

"But I refuse to let it dictate how I live my life," she added.

For her latest film she stars alongside Hunger Games actor, Sam Claflin, in the romantic comedy adapted from Cecelia Aherne's best-selling book Where Rainbows End.

The funny but poignant film tracks Alex and Rosie's friendship as they miss opportunities to reveal their true feelings for each other and life takes them on two very different paths. 

After both working on large blockbuster movies, this smaller project, filmed in Dublin, allowed them to add "spontaneity" and "improvisation" to the film.

Claflin's performance has drawn comparisons to a young Hugh Grant but he told Sky News he is not following in the British actor's footsteps.

Collins and Claflin star in a new rom-com

Collins and Claflin star in a new rom-com

"I love a romantic comedy and I have grown up adoring that man ... but by no means am I trying to mould my career like that. I like having my fingers in lots of pies."

Unlike Grant, Claflin has so far managed to keep out of the media glare, telling Sky News he was "happily private" - blaming a certain type of celebrity for fuelling the media's obsession.

"Unfortunately there are a few bad eggs under the 'celebrity' bracket that enjoy that, and revel in that, and actually want more -  that's the bad example that sometimes we are the butt of - so it's difficult at times," he said.

© Sky News, by Elizabeth Scott

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