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It’s Been 30 Years Since Phil Collins Played Conman "Phil the Shill" on Miami Vice

While countless musicians have contributed to Miami Vice‘s soundtrack, only a few got to work in front of the camera.

In 1985, after two small, uncredited roles in two rather large, iconic movies — Hard Day’s Night and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — Phil Collins joined his fellow classic rockers Glenn Frey, Willie Nelson, Ted Nugent, Frank Zappa and Gene Simmons in Miami Vice‘s onscreen alumni.

Watch Phil Collins point out himself in The Beatles’ film, A Hard Day’s Night, below:

While Collins enjoyed his uncredited success in the 1960’s film and television world, he didn’t make a name for himself on the silver screen until December 13th of 1985.

That was the day that NBC aired episode 11 of season 2 of Miami Vice, titled "Phil the Shill".

Watch Phil Collins’ first real acting debut in the episode above, and keep an ear out for the amazing cheesy 80’s soundtrack while you’re there.

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