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Did You Know that February 15th is Phil Collins Day? Well, It Is!

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. You’re hungover, bloated, and there’s a little chocolate on your face. Nope, still there. Okay, it’s like half gone. There, you got it.
There’s only one surefire cure to the post-Valentinian blues: Phil Collins.

Phil Collins Day is a real thing with a real website and everything. Since (at least) 2007, Phil Phans (just go with it) have joined together at a set location in the New York area on February 15th for some Phil Phun (you don’t have to go with this one). The first year was a dance party with Phil masks, and last year there was a "Testify" confessional booth (the confessions were then mailed to Phil himself!). In 2011, there was a Phil Collins Day parade which was, according to a respected member of the Popdust family, "One of the craziest things ever."

It might all sound a little Phoolish, but this year’s theme, Take Me Home, has an uplifting purpose. Inspired by Hurricane Sandy’s devastating effects on Rockaway, Queens last fall, folks are gathering there for a healing drum circle.

© Popdust, by Samantha Martin


Phil Collins Day Parade Lumiqzimo

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