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Face Value (Deluxe Edition)

Face value is the title of the first solo album from Phil Collins to be published in February 1981.

Collins is at that time drummer and singer in the successful group Genesis but aspires releasing a solo project in which a large variety of musical styles can be heard. The most famous song of the album is in the air tonight inspired by the crash of marriage with his first wife.

Several songs from the recording sessions ended Face value not achieved, including Misunderstanding and Please Do Not Ask which ended up both on the Genesis album Duke. These two songs in the original version of Phil Collins on the reissue in 2016, as well as How Can You Sit There? better known as Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now). The demo from 1980 is the basis of the number a few years later be heard as the theme song of the movie with Rachel Ward and Jeff Bridges.

Track Listing

Disc 1

No. Title Length
1. In The Air Tonight (2015 Remastered)  5:36
2. This Must Be Love (2015 Remastered)  3:56
3. Behind The Lines (2015 Remastered)  3:55
4. The Roof Is Leaking (2015 Remastered)  3:16
5. Droned (2015 Remastered)  2:49
6. Hand In Hand (2015 Remastered)  5:22
7. I Missed Again (2015 Remastered)  3:46
8. You Know What I Mean (2015 Remastered)  2:33
9. Thunder And Lightning (2015 Remastered)  4:13
10. I'm Not Moving (2015 Remastered)  2:35
11. If Leaving Me Is Easy (2015 Remastered)  4:55
12. Tomorrow Never Knows (2015 Remastered)  4:52

Disc 2

No. Title Length
1. Misunderstanding (Live)  4:42
2. If Leaving Me Is Easy (Live)  7:23
3. In The Air Tonight (Live)  7:51
4. Behind The Lines (Live)  3:39
5. The Roof Is Leaking (Demo)  3:12
6. Hand In Hand (Live)  9:47
7. I Missed Again (Live)  4:22
8. ...And So To F (Live) [2015 Remastered]  6:22
9. This Must Be Love (Demo)  3:44
10. Please Don't Ask (Demo)  4:01
11. Misunderstanding (Demo)  2:53
12. Against All Odds (Demo)  2:58

Additional Info

  • Producers: Phil Collins, Hugh Padgham
  • Written by: Phil Collins
  • Label: Rhino
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Release Date: Friday, 29 January 2016
  • Lenght: 1:48:42


Phil Collins - Face Value (2015 Remastered, Full Album) zakard116

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