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Peter Gabriel's Favorite Artists Remake His Music From 'Scratch'

In 2010, Peter Gabriel released the first half of a two-part project, singing favorite songs written by living musicians. He titled it Scratch My Back. Now comes the sequel, titled And I'll Scratch Yours. It features most of the acts whose songs he covered, returning the favor by performing Peter Gabriel songs. The lineup includes David Byrne, Lou Reed, Arcade Fire, Paul Simon and Bon Iver.

Peter Gabriel's three-year itch gets a creative scratching

In that vein, Gabriel, art-rock conceptualist, had the notion a few years ago for a song-swapping, double-album experiment: He would record a song by someone like Neil Young or Lou Reed or Paul Simon or Arcade Fire; in return, he asked those songwriters to record one of his songs. The project was audacious, as songwriters traditionally don’t organize their own tribute albums. Gabriel was throwing his own 60th birthday party and strong-arming A-list invitees not only to show up, but to bring laudatory presents.

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