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Coloureds reMix Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’

Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’

Sometimes a track comes along that just makes your face hurt from smiling. Out friends Coloureds have delivered the goods again, in the form of their take on Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’.

The Yellow and Blue noise terrorists give Gabriel what can only be described as a "right sonic seeing to in a back alley" as the layer their trademark chainsaw synths over ‘Sledgehammer’s Pop-Funk vibe. Coloureds are maturing so fast in their sound, shown by how intact they keeps the original song structure, and how much of the underlying groove they retain whist still blowing your ears with their aural assault. No longer a choice between dirty, distorted, confusing in-your-face Electro and dancefloor working Disco. Coloureds have mastered both.


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Last modified onSunday, 19 November 2017 16:24

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