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The Genesis Of Gabriel

The early Genesis material is far better than the wishy-washy commercial crap the band churned out in the eighties and nineties - in my humble opinion. Genesis was one of the best progressive rock bands of the seventies. Peter Gabriel was the lead vocalist, and Phil Collins was on drums (where he belonged). Gabriel left the band in 1977, in order to pursue a solo career...

And he has been very successful (mainly in the eighties, with the albums up to and including the hugely popular So). He forged a unique career path; dabbling in pop, rock, dance and world music. He has worked with many musicians, with vastly different styles. He has always been keen to experiment, with his music. For instance, there are no cymbals at all on his third album (usually called Melt). Gabriel liked to shake things up.

Shaking The Tree was released in 1990. It contains all of Gabriel's singles, up to that point. Since then, he has released just four studio albums (excluding the soundtracks and collaborations). Secret World Live (a double-disc set) followed a successful tour of the 1992 album, Us. For the remainder of the nineties, Gabriel mainly wrote songs for films. He also worked on his Ovo project - for the opening of the Millennium Dome. The album was released in 2000. A couple of years later, he released one of his best albums (Up). An updated singles collection (Hit) appeared, the following year. Scratch My Back (2010) includes cover versions of songs by David Bowie, Paul Simon and Talking Heads (among others). The vocals sound very fragile. They suit the music, though. Peter Gabriel already proved he didn't need Phil Collins on drums. Apparently, he doesn't need drums at all now!

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