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Reviews: Peter Gabriel at Susquehanna Bank Center

Peter Gabriel at Susquehanna Bank Center Peter Gabriel at Susquehanna Bank Center NelsonMuntzPhoto

The show was fantastic. Everything worked well with the orchestra, and my only gripe may have been a conscious decision: the drum beat on Signal to Noise was slower than in the recording, which I felt reduced it's impact. Intruder, as I said, was just awesome. So damn creepy. Wonderful, wonderful show, and a nice Welcome Home after moving from Raleigh over the previous couple of days.

That said, what on God's Green Earth caused such a nice venue like the Susquehanna Bank Center be built in the fucking projects? Camden, NJ is a fucking SHITHOLE. Rarely have I felt so uncomfortable. There's a housing project across one street from the parking lot, and a god damned prison on the other side. One of the worst places I've been. What's worse, my wife decided she wanted to see Heart the following day (last night, Ann Wilson still sounds incredible) which was the same day as some sort of Puerto Rican pride festival on the road leading up to the venue, so we had to park farther away and walk through the area as it was getting dark. NOT COMFORTABLE. We were very relieved to get back to Wayne, PA where the neighbors are on the opposite side of the economic spectrum and more likely to think that I'll ask them for a dollar than vice versa.

Again, though, the show was amazing. If you have a chance to catch one of the remaining shows, I highly recommend it.

Just avoid Camden, NJ.

Review 1, by Packprog

I had the pleasure of seeing Peter Gabriel this past Saturday evening at the Susquehanna Bank Center. My seat was on the isle on row B left center. Everybody whom I came in contact with who worked at the center was very pleasant and just seemed to be doing their job to make sure that nobody was trying to move to better (higher priced) seats, or jump over the backs of chairs to get to their seats and thus fall in doing so.

I have read some of the other reviews of this venue and they seem very unfavorable both in price and service, and I have been to many concerts throughout the country, and the quality of the staff was above most and the prices are right in line with everywhere else I have been. Going to concert these days IS AN EXPENSIVE UNDERTAKING.

I attended the show for the performer, I was was absolutely BLOWN AWAY! Peter Gabriel and The New Blood Orchestra put on a tremendous concert and the venue lent itself to the sound and atmosphere for the show.

If all you want to do is complain about the costs and the security and ushers doing their jobs, stay at home and listen to a CD or download from the internet and let the true fans be entertained by the live shows!

By the way, I parked in the $25 lot and it took me less than 15 minutes to leave the center and get out of the lot, and make it to 76. Not bad for someone visiting for the first time.

I had a wonderful evening and thoroughly enjoyed the performance Peter Gabriel gave us, which is why I came in the first place.

Review 2, by Graeme N.


01 Heroes (David Bowie cover)
02 Wallflower
03 Après Moi (Regina Spektor cover)
04 Philadelphia (Neil Young cover)
05 Intruder (video)
06 My Body Is a Cage (Arcade Fire cover)
07 Digging in the Dirt (video)
08 Signal to Noise
09 Downside Up
10 Biko (video)

Intermission (with fireworks, unrelated to the show, but pretty awesome)

11 San Jacinto (video)
12 Secret World (video)
13 Mercy Street (video)
14 The Rhythm of the Heat (video)
15 Father, Son (video)
16 Red Rain (video)
17 Solsbury Hill (video)


18 In Your Eyes (video)
19 Don’t Give Up (video)
20 The Nest That Sailed the Sky

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