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Peter Gabriel Thinks Talent Is "Overrated"

Peter Gabriel thinks talent is "overrated" as he didn't go to university and still made a success of his life.

The former Genesis frontman does not think it is important for a person to be talented in order to be a success, and believes England to be a "natural breeding-ground" for negative energy and attitudes.

He said: "I've always believed that if I can do it, anyone can. I think talent is highly overrated. I wasn't smart enough to get my exam results, I didn't go to university, but I'm able to think that maybe weird and wonderful things might be possible, rather than, "Oh there's no way you can do that," which England is a natural breeding ground for."

The 61-year-old musician - who has young children Isaac, 10 and Luc, three with second wife Maebh Flynn and two grown-up daughters from his first marriage to Jill Moore - does, however, think being miserable is part of the "human condition", and admits it is something he has suffered from.

He added to The Times newspaper: "I think the life of a pop star is a fantastic place to play around in but pretty miserable to be imprisoned in."

"I think down is probably a natural human condition and up is a fleeting one. Then again, I've written some of my happiest songs when miserable and vice-versa. But I feel really fortunate, I love my wife and kids, as I do my old wife and kids.

"I know much more of who I am aged 60 than I did aged 30. You lose things physically as you get older but there are some pluses, and that sense of knowing who you are is one of them."

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