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Interview with Mike Rutherford - Beauty permit

Mike Rutherford (center) is traveling with the Mechanics and added to Andrew Roachford (left) and Tim Howar Mike Rutherford (center) is traveling with the Mechanics and added to Andrew Roachford (left) and Tim Howar Paddy Ball /ho

Mike & The Mechanics were a counter-project to Genesis. The band broke up after the death of Paul Young. Now she goes back to its roots - the "Road" tour with Andrew Roachford.

In 1985 it was Mike Rutherford, bassist, guitarist and song writer of Genesis, to drive two tracks musically. He founded the band "Mike & The Mechanics", which released several successful albums. After the death of the singer Paul Young and the departure of Paul Carrack was Rutherford rest his project longer. Now he goes with a new cast and the album "The Road" on tour.

Mr. Rutherford, understood your band Mike & The Mechanics at that time to compensate for the sometimes very complicated Genesis music?

Mike Rutherford: I was asked if I could imagine another project in addition to my main band. I found that it was time, my musical career to create something broader and not always to play with the same drummer. And to me it was important not to do with another band like the same music with Genesis.

How did you get the name?

The idea was that he should not at all correspond to the image of a progressive rock band like Genesis. The name should convey some basic food. Some thought, however, first of all, we are such a garage band.

The new edition of Mechanics adorns himself with two lead singers, Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar. Why?

I found that the mechanics needed both an R&B and a rock voice. This is our secret weapon. At that time we had two lead singers and one of the two, Paul Young, then in 2000 died, changed the chemistry in the band. Then got out of Paul Carrack. It was kind of pointless to continue. A few producers friends suggested me some time ago that I should simply head to the first Mechanics-based album, composing some new songs and then see where that leads.

Is not it difficult for a singer such as Andrew Roachford, the solo is very successful in winning such a project?

I've held a casting platform. We both met a half years ago and the first day we wrote the song "Try To Save Me," which also landed on our new album. Our collaboration just felt good. But it's true: He was concerned that the Mechanics project could collide with his own band. But he can continue to work on his solo career. I like people do different things.

"The Road", a song on your album, you can interpret very differently: it is in the text is the story of a band, a partnership, highlighting the advantages of getting older - you are now 60 - or life in general?

The song should be easy to spread a positive, very simple, encouraging message: that life can be so beautiful. We should support each other as human beings.

How difficult is it to write a song that could work commercially, while musically logs to a certain standard?

Commercial suggestion and I had never had any. One can also not plan success. I write every song, first for myself. I'm not worried about the marketability, not even about whether the people the music that I write like. Me must inspire and delight them.

One of the songs is dedicated to a Neda. Is that the young woman who was shot during the unrest in Iran last year in front of the camera?

Yes. When I saw the video clip that was a terribly sad moment for me. Because someone died in near real time in front of my eyes. And I could not do anything. But what is happening in North Africa, shows that our world works in the age of the Internet and global communications differently. And that will change with the new media something and nothing can hide.

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