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Genesis reunion? Phil Collins tells us to ask Mike Rutherford - so we did

Mike Rutherford Mike Rutherford Redferns via Getty Images

With Mike Rutherford booked in to play a few shows this summer with his former bandmate Phil Collins, many have wondered if a Genesis reunion is on the cards. Kevin Cooper put the question to him as the Mike + The Mechanics 2019 UK tour heads for Nottingham.

What can we expect at the show?

Well firstly I must let people know that there is no support so it's just us playing two sets and that it is working rather nicely. If I was a punter I would much rather have the main band on stage for the whole show.

Do you still enjoy life out on the road?

Yes I really do. At some points I feel my age, as one does but the job is all about being on stage performing with those great players.

You have been in the music business for over fifty years now - when did you feel the most musically satisfied?

I don’t really know. I suppose there were Genesis albums such as Invisible Touch and We Can’t Dance when the songs just flew out. That really was a great time.

Do you have a favourite Mike + The Mechanics song?

That would have to be The Living Years. Having said that I am a big fan of All I Need Is A Miracle because it really is a happy song without being too sweet.

What was the first record that you bought?

I can’t remember the title but it was a Cliff Richard album and the first track was Move It. It was a long time ago. And Cliff Richard was the first person I saw live, in Manchester.

When I spoke to Phil Collins in 2017 and I asked about the possibility of a Genesis reunion he said "you had better ask Mike about that".

(Laughs) I don’t know, let’s just say that there are currently no plans. Listen; if Phil had stayed in retirement where he had been for quite a long time, then it wouldn’t even have been a consideration. However, you never know, because Phil is back touring now.

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