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Learning to fly with Mike + The Mechanics

Mike + The Mechanics Mike + The Mechanics

Thirty two years is more than most bands last, and is certainly a long time for a 'side project'.

But Mike + The Mechanics was always more than that for Mike Rutherford, who formed the band as a complement to Genesis, rather than a replacement.

Responsible for a string of singles including The Living Years, Over My Shoulder, and All I Need is a Miracle, the band seemed to have run its course by the mid 2000's, following the death of of one of its vocalists, Paul Young.

But the band identity was revived in 2010, with the input of new vocalists Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar.

Andrew was the main force behind the band Roachford, who scored their first hists at the tail end of the eighties, with Cuddly Toy and Family Man, and later had his own successful solo career.

But already, he is part of the Mechanics furniture, having been on board now for seven years.

"The band is nearly a group of other families," he said.

"It has gone from finding my place, and it is different from doing my own thing.

"There was an element of trying to work out what the vibe is.

"At the beginning, you are not sure how the fans will react, but I am trying to bring my own thing.

"When we started out in rehearsal room you listen to the songs, and Tim and I would work out which songs suited which voice. There wasn't too much of a plan, just working out which we were more suited to cover".

The band is now back on the road, ahead of the release next month of their new album Let Me Fly.

It started off when the band toured 2011's The Road, the first featuring the current line up, which features former Johnny Hates Jazz singer Clark Datchler as co-songwriter.

"The first LP we were finding our way together," said Andrew.

"It is a team effort when writing. Mike often has the subject matter or chord sequence, and we see where it goes from there. There's no set formula.

"But the new stuff is definitely what we are most excited about, it reflects who we are.

"Artists want to be growiing, not resting on their laurels. It keeps you fresh, and takes you to another level".

Fans will get the chance to hear the fruits of their efforts when the band arrives at Cardiff's St David's Hall on Saturday, March 4.

"It takes a while to get going, to get your touring legs again," adds Andrew.

"But we've been on the road for a couple of weeks now, and by the time we get to Cardiff, we'll be well oiled. It should be a good gig".

Mike + The Mechanic's new album, Learn To Fly, is released on April 7 by BMG.

The band play Hyde Park with Phil Collins on June 30.

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  • Angela Dix
    Angela Dix Sunday, 05 March 2017 10:16 Comment Link Report

    Went to Cardiff show last night Fab Show had a Wonderful night .Looking forward to new Album .

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