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Mike and the Mechanics at Main Square Festival 2013

Mike and the Mechanics at Main Square Festival 2013 Mike and the Mechanics at Main Square Festival 2013 Rael Demilin
What do Genesis and Mike and the Mechanics in common? Answer: guitarist Mike Rutherford. And so he spent the next hits of Mike and the Mechanics, two Genesis Classics (Follow You Follow Me, and I Can Not Dance). Radio-friendly pop to start day two. Under a radiant sun with Need more that may not be.
It's been 2004 since we saw the band at work, then at TW Classic. And also on that festival where Phil Collins was headlining, gave the group a solid impression. Keyboardist and singer Paul Young is now 13 years no longer with us. Paul Carrack though. But what was still on TW Classic, was apparently not possible in Arras. Andrew Roachford (the best singer and player of the two and Nord) and Tim Howar (the best entertainer) take each of them part of the song on their behalf.

Follow Me Follow You coming or not straight across as arrangement, but "I Can Not Dance" of Genesis sounds very full sound wise. Open the band did with "A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold". Immediately noticeable that the brass instruments come from a box and the choir from The Living Years is not live on stage. That last song the band very subtle, too subtle for Koda Line playing on the B-stage drowns out the song in the beginning.

"All I Need Is a Miracle" let the group sing. With the many hits like "Another Cup Of Coffee" and "Over My Shoulder" they need to convince.'s The older festival goers no miracle For them, this is purely youth sentiment. In "Word of Mouth" they take with pleasure the choreography (left, right, front and rear point) about. Also the recent "Try To Save Me" from 2011 is discussed.

Beautiful opener so we missed all of day two called "Now That You've Gone".

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