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I went to see the Wilson-fronted Genesis at the Earls Court arena in London in 1998. Now, my assessment was that Ray Wilson did not have the charisma that Phil Collins had, and that Banks and Rutherford saw it right away, only they were 'in too deep' (ha ha ha ha haa.....zzzz!) to do anything about it. Sure, they cancelled the US tour, but to cancel Europe as well would have really hit the album sales. The lack of charisma was not Wilson's fault, but it seems that Banks & Rutherford treated him as if it were. This is a very sad state of affairs - Mike Rutherford & Tony Banks knew they had made a mistake in hiring Wilson but could not admit it. Marillion were famous as a band who once copied Genesis, but when Marillion found Steve Hogarth as a replacement for Fish they went on to still greater success. Sadly, Genesis were not able to repeat that trick. While the 2007 reunion tour with Phil Collins was good in many respects (I saw them two days consecutively on that tour - Wembley Stadium at Live Earth and then Twickenham), I felt the tour was a missed opportunity to bring Gabriel and Hackett on for a song or two, as The Rolling Stones did with Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor, and also to bring on Ray Wilson. Very bad form. x