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Thank you for posting this Marcel.
A very interesting article. Tony Banks is a brilliant musician and composer and I have noticed in several interviews and articles that he feels his music is somewhat under-rated - which I think really is true. He comes across as a serious, sensitive, musical genius and in mini films - such Come Rain or Shine - he has a fantastic relationship with Mike Rutherford & Phil Collins and clearly deeply enjoys the banter between them. His contribution to Genesis is phenomenal - his role irreplaceable - Genesis could not have existed without him - including the unique sound of the music. He has been very honest and straightforward in this interview and its a shame that he feels hurt by Mike Rutherford's book. I hope their relationship is still solid.. He also acknowledges that Phil cannot tour as a drummer again - which is so very harsh for all of them - Phil in particular of course & makes prog rock / Lamb gig quite difficult to achieve.. He talks about this in another article - how the drummer is the back-bone of the band. Tony cannot stop being a musician - playing and composing is like breathing to people who are so deeply musical,. As Genesis are not currently making music together - Tony Banks has no choice except to do other things and he has discovered that he is accepted in the classical world - where he feels he can write some pretty long pieces and stretch himself - it is indeed extremely difficult to be accepted without having a formal training at a conservatoire. It is a credit to TBs great talent as a pianist and composer that this acceptance has occurred.. Over this and several articles though he hints that he misses composing the other four main members of Genesis. In my little musical world (more jazz orientated) - my promoter friend says 'get on with it - we are all getting older - time has already run out for some people.' - indeed such as for the great John Martyn. So whatever the impediments might be - if they don't reform soon maybe with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett on board - it may just be too late. I can perceive that because of the reasons why Peter Gabriel left the band - which was such a driver for his initial solo work - that there may just be too much closure for him in rejoining - which is a matter of taking a step - or not. For Phil its a lot more serious - he would have to adapt to not drumming as things stand. The rest - its just politics - and politics can change - it can be over-come - and in the very big picture - you know all that matters are friendships and music.