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My family & I have been attending all of Phil's concerts in Philadelphia, PA, USA since the mid-80s. Family night out started when one daughter was only 8 and another daughter was 5. We recently took our 12 year old granddaughter, Olivia, to see Phil in Philadelphia for the "Not Dead Yet" tour. Phil's show was extra special this year because we added a new generation to our family event. Seeing Nicholas on stage adding another generation to Phil's music made this year's show extra special for us. Olivia has grown up enjoying Phil's music but she was extremely impressed with Nicholas's performance - not to mention how cute he is! I would love to get Olivia some autographed pictures of Phil and Nicholas. If you could send me one or two pictures, I'd be extremely grateful. They can be sent to the following address:
Olivia Walsh
c/o Rita Walsh
448 East Glenview Drive
West Grove, PA 19390