The Setlist

Calling All Stations
Land Of Confusion
No Son Of Mine
Home By The Sea

Acoustic Set

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (intro)
Follow You Follow Me
Not About Us

The Dividing Line
Invisible Touch
Turn It On Again


Throwing It All Away
I Can't Dance


by Volker Warncke

They were the last band of the day, coming on at about 11.45 p.m. and playing for about 1 hr 45 min. They were headliner of the day together with Bob Dylan, who had played his 90 minute set before. During I Can't Dance Ray was a bit hesitant with his mouth organ initially and said something like "Bob can do this better". The stage was huge, with a giant video screen on each side showing what happens on stage, giving quite a few good insights into the details of the performance. Genesis did use their Jumbotrons! So it was very nice to see them introduce themselves with the impressive CAS animation!

The atmosphere in the audience wasn't too bad but I've seen more enthusiastic Genesis audiences. I guess most of those standing in front of the stage and further in the back around the numerous food stands were there to: 1. eat something, 2. chill out before returning to the camping grounds for the night, 3. try to cure their alcohol poisoning by lying around like the dead and getting trampled on, 4. see Genesis. In the front, no. 2 and no. 4 were in the majority, in the back, no. 1 and no. 3 ruled. I suppose this composition of the audience explains the setlist


The performance was mostly as usual, Ray didn't say much, HBTS was just introduced by the reference to a German girl he's looking forto come to his HBTS. No girl during ICD. I would venture to say that Ray produced a couple of unusual beats, especially during Domino, where there sometimes two very fast beats where there is usually only one. Might have been mistakes, dunno. All in all, quite enjoyable; but I couldn't quite see how the famed festival atmosphere of a mega-event like this added anything to the performance of Genesis. Most of the people were there for (and looked like this) for acts like Ozzy, Prodigy, Van Halen, Bad Religion, and the like. But Rodger Hodgson must have been fantastic! (he was on right before I arrived :-(

by Christian Gudrian

Yesterday Genesis performed on the German festival Rock am Ring. The show started at about five minutes to twelve at night (just after the two MTV-people - who obviously just wanted to gain an extra-amount of desperately needed popularity - had been booed off the stage :) ) and lasted for about one hour and fourty-five minutes; and it was DAMNED GREATand also "fucking freezing", according to Ray, who hoped that we were "getting plenty of alcohol". The stage was a scaled down version of the touring stage without all those Vari*Lites (although some were installed) and without the "robots" at the back but WITH the Jumbotrons, which were very cleverly coverd by a large black curtain till shortly before the show - surprise!! The sound was excellent and finally Tony's keyboards got therespect they deserve at the mixing desk.

The band itself obviously continued improving during the passed tour and harmonized perfectly. Even the concert closer, which got so much flaming on this list and which I also thought to be a bad choice, did a great job. Ray even started The Walk at the beginning. Referring to Bob Dylan's performance just before Genesis Ray took out his harmonica and said "Bob Dylan?" with a gesture saying "Who wants that guy? Listen to me!" and the harmonica solo was much better than the one Ray played in Dortmund. The audience participation was enormous like throughout the whole show. And the audience was huuuge. Several ten thousand people attendend the concert and I think that only the fewest have heard Genesis in the new line-up before and some may still have wondered, when that little baldy guy will finally enter the stage... ;-)

But Ray got them all. Genesis is back.

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