Toronto 07-09-2007 Review


As expected, Genesis played the “dress rehearsal”-set also at the official tour kick off at Toronto’s BMO-Field Stadium:

Behind The Lines / Duke’s End
Turn It On Again
No Son Of Mine
Land Of Confusion
In The Cage / The Cinema Show / Duke’s Travels
Hold On My Heart
Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
Follow You Follow Me
Firth Of Fifth / I Know What I Like
Throwing It All Away
Drum Duet
Los Endos
Tonight Tonight Tonight
Invisible Touch

I Can’t Dance
The Carpet Crawlers



We went to last night's show in Toronto.
We had excellent seats in the 12th row floors.
It was nothing short of amazing!
Excellent song choices, fantastic light show (& fireworks!!!) and they played for just under THREE hours!
It was a bitter-sweet feeling... seeing them for what is likely the last time.


The show last night was as spectacular as I had thought it would be (particularly as I knew what to expect having seen all of the 'spoilers' on You Tube etc!)

Although I didn't keep a set list I think it pretty much followed the European show down to the last note. I thought that Phil was holding back with his voice, not quite stretching it to where the songs really deserved but I don't think too many others would have perhaps noticed. The whole stage set up , and visual experience was amazing. We used to say things like 'great light show', well this is far more than a light show. As we took our kids to the show (well they're in their early twenties), it was interesting to see their reaction to the show and the fact they knew they were witnessing something special. I commented to them that they will probably never see a show like this ever again in their lives - lets face it, there's not many (if any) other bands who could even afford to put on a show like this. You can see why Phil said they won't make any money from the tour - the costs involved must be astronomical.

Having said that the BMO field was a sea of bodies and an amazing sight to see so the incoming the incoming revenue is no small potatoes either!

Having waited and anticipated the show all summer, this week was a bit of roller coaster what with one thing and another. The first thing was that we had a keen eye on the weather all week. For the past few days the temperatures (with the humidity factored in) hit 40 degrees Celsius and the predictions was for it to 'break' at around 8.30pm last night with Thunder, Lightening and associated rain. As there is not a stitch of shelter in BMO field we were all wondering how that would work for all concerned! Fortunately, the weather held and didn't impact the night at all. The only significant downside then was that the traffic getting into Toronto was an absolute nightmare and we missed the first 3 songs - talk about a stressful situation!! Mind you, Phil could be heard from half way across Lake Ontario so we did actually get to hear Turn It On Again and No Son of Mine even if we couldn't see them while walking from the parking lot!

In making such a big deal of the whole stage set up and stadium experience (and it really is worth the price of admission alone), the size of such shows leaves you feeling as if you're a mile away from the action and don't get any sense of the what's taking place on stage - the video screens (as crystal clear as they were) don't beat seeing the group from closer up. As our next show in 3 weeks time is the arena set up in Cleveland, I'm hoping our view will be a bit better.

In the meantime, everyone else get ready for a great show - as we are hearing, it won't be coming around again.


It Didn't Rain! Matter of fact, it was actually a lovely weathered evening

Where the heck does one start eh?...

I must say... Phil seemed in top form... vocally... his voice was prime! Very strong, very edgy at spots. Liked the way it was a tad gravelly during ICD. He also seemed very at ease last night. Seemed to be in a good mood and playful. Much more so than a few years back during the FFFT. And yes Phil... it's ok... some of the lyrics... "are" intentional! - we get it!
I walked away from this concert feeling like not only we had a good time, but so did they!

Chester... well I tell you... there was a thread mentioning he'd lost some of his energy or whatever. All I have to say to that is... NO WAY. He was rock solid... and was every bit as energetic and edgy and top notch. Hats off to this man!

Tony... Phil even got a bit of a Tony smile with his camera moments ... he is such a "mad scientist" type isn't he? ... So into what is happening with the music... ya gotta love that.

Mike, actually again... I was impressed with Mike, despite the Canoe review,... Mike wasn't static at all. He was very busy moving around, being lively etc. Lots of "guitar"/"rock star" moments during his bits and moments to shine.

And there there was Daryl... Oh lordie...FoF!!!! The man must have be able to hear the crowd PURR! The solos were so incredible I'm not even going to try put them to words.... Except... Purrrrrrr!

There were a few minor blips during some of the instrumentals... and Phil screwed up the lyrics during ... I think it was Domino, Tonight x 3 and something else. Minor stuff.

I was impressed with IKWIL. Not really a song that one would intentionally expect to be a highlight, but I tell you,... Live... IT ROCKED! Certainly helped by the sound of most of the stadium singing it along with Phil puts this song into one of my memorable moments of the show. It was (and if you don't mind me getting all girlie for a second)... it was a warm fuzzy bonding moment between "us" and Genesis. Very nice!

Turn it On Again ... I fully expected to hear the difference,...but you know... you don't really notice it. Good opening number for this show.

Hold On My Heart - I know some folks like to knock the song, but I have to tell ya,... it was sang with conviction. Probably more conviction than I have ever seen Phil sing that song. He can sit on my kitchen stool and sing that song anytime!

Throwing It All Away - .... How can you not think of JoeyDrums during this song eh?... Dee Da Dayyyyyyyyyy Again a terrific live song off of a live album... but once you experiencing seeing/hearing/being part of it at a concert... it certainly brings on a completely new appreciation for the song. Fun audience participation time, as always.

Domino... I LOVE audience participation time and I don't care what kind of dork it makes us look like. Super strong.

Home By The Sea... oh my ..ooooooowwwwww... ghosts!

Again... I'll happily hold my hands up and say oooooooowww and be a dork if I get to watch these guys play the instrumental part in the middle... Enough to make you want to go back for more.

Ripples others have said... if the band had any doubt about playing it,... the crowd surely would have had to convince them last night. It was a mass sing along... and again... for me personally, a moment filled with emotion. First Genesis song I ever heard way back. I was so incredibly jazzed to hear/see it live. The guys did NOT disappoint! Bravo!

CC... ya know... some European shows ... folks mentioned that some people were leaving... I has a 2nd from the front seat... and I turned around and the place was packed and 99% remained to drink in the last song ... and you could hear echos throughout of... Gotta get in to get outtttttt! Magical... and still gives me goosebumps and brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it now.

Invisible Touch... another song that can illicit differing opinions.... Yes... Phil gave us the famous heart felt ... "Though she will F#CK up your life"... and yes... ya gotta know he's saying it with much life experiences behind the gusto of it's delivery. Personally, I think this song should be sang just the way he sang it last night. Very edgy... perfect!

In the Cage/Medley... Oh my GOD!... Oh my GOD!... OH MY GAWWWWWD! Awesome! Phil does his little creeping hand... bad bad Phil *tsk tsk*

Drum Solo... oh lordie... people on my side were glued to watching it.

General impressions... instrumentals on DVD ... don't really do themselves justice I don't think. I was rather expecting to be a little bored with the drum solo and bits of the musical interlude... but I was anything but. The drum solo left me grinning from ear to ear. (As any good drum voyeur worth their salt SHOULD be!)... and the musical interludes had me not wanting them to end. Very tight band, it was!

If I've got any actual criticism - it comes in the form of the shape of the stage and the size and the fact that, while pretty with all the lights and such... it didn't really leave much for much of the first 5 or so rows on the further left and right hand sides with much to write home about. This was sitting in a soccer stadium, and to be honest,... other the exact middle section of 50 seats... the first 5 or 10 rows of A1, A2, ... A4 and A5 ... were less than ideal. At prime prices, one would think you wouldn't be left to watch most of the show on the video screens.

I think the design was a bit over the top and they maybe should have spent more time on "moving parts" that carted Phil around a bit, like they did for the Mick and the Stones a few years back. Lets be honest... we're dealing with a lead singer who's not 25 anymore, and isn't likely to be running from one side of the stage to the other like he may have at one time. I know there is a lot to be said for "structure" and the whole eye candy of it. But if I'm being totally honest... lots of sizzle ... not a lot of actual meat on the stage "steak" as it were - it was really less than functional from an audience perspective. I would have rather they'd spread the guys out a little more and had a moving front for Phil so he could just get a little closer to the audience without having to run a 300 yard dash.

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