Ottawa 15-09-2007 Review


Behind The Lines / Duke’s End
Turn It On Again
No Son Of Mine
Land Of Confusion
In The Cage / The Cinema Show / Duke’s Travels
Hold On My Heart
Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
Follow You Follow Me
Firth Of Fifth / I Know What I Like
Throwing It All Away
Drum Duet
Los Endos
Tonight Tonight Tonight (intro)
Invisible Touch

I Can’t Dance
The Carpet Crawlers

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Behind The Lines/Duke’s End

No Son Of Mine

Land Of Confusion


Home By The Sea

Firth Of Fifth/I Know What I Like

Throwing It All Away

Drum Duet Part 1

Drum Duet Part 2



Hey guys… with so much written about the music and the songs, and the set list. I’m taking a few others lead and going to give you some other observations.

Firstly it was really wonderful to get to chat (and have dinner) with SideshowDave -… did ya find anything interesting back on March Rd?  Also, Angell (Peter) and his wife (I want an autographed copy once you’re finished your project ok?)…, Nancy and Ian (Shoobedoobe) You two are an absolutely delightful folks! Let me know if I can send you a zip file of the photos - it'll be about 6 megs) … and, Escapee-Dave and his date who we’ve found out have a pile of folks we both know in common! Surprised we have crossed paths before now eh?! Let’s always try to be on the same “side” eh? *wink*

Tour merchandise… I bought a Tour Program. I was going to buy the Anatomy of a Tour, but I’ll wait, I figure I can buy that from the store after the whole tour is finished. (Hey,… how did Phil let them call this a “tour” on the merch?) … Anyway… The program… kinda neat actually, it’s a reverse two way type thing that has old photos etc, and then the back end has photos Phil’s snapped during his camera moments. There’s lots of behind the scenes stuff… and some nice photos of Tony smiling. (A must get for Krissy!)

I’m going to say it… and this comes from living in Ottawa my entire life. Ottawa’s always an odd crowd for concerts. Government town… a bit more reserved I think. More inclined to sit down if the people in front of us sit down etc. And yes a good majority of the audience sat down for FoF and a few songs. Never the less, a sold out arena! We love our entertainment… we just like to do it on our butts it seems. The record for the largest stage ever assembled at Scotiabank now is held by Genesis! Apparently they’re hauling some 21 or 30 rigs to cart this stage around? Wow.

The sound at times from the front of the house was… muddy at first … but again I found as the night went on everything became crisper. Now I’m aware your ears try to adjust to the sound levels of your surroundings… but it wasn’t this kind of thing. The first 4 or 5 songs, sounded less crisp… and when Mike had his double neck… the bass seemed like it was feeding/humming. Mike spent about a good minute screwing with his foot pedals trying to adjust something. Dunno. If I’m being honest, I think sound wise, Toronto was cleaner… (humid heavy air worked very well for that venue I think)... Phil’s voice was solid in both shows, especially Mama … the only time I noticed he pulled off was during the real high notes of CC. Now worries though… folks were singing!  The band seems to be getting tighter with each night.

Shoobee,… Sideshow… Angell… Escapee?... can you tell us which songs the audiences sang along with?

And now to where I was sitting. OH WOW! My tickets said B4 13 and 14. The funny thing is… in row B there was no first row… it’s the second row! I was no more than 12 - 15 ft from Daryl, Mike and Phil. I’ll spare you the whole poetic “Priceless” line… but I have to say, I was ssssssssso psyched that I’m still high from it this morning. Is it possible to be hung over from being giddy? Best seats I’ve ever had for any show,… and I’m sure as last night gets settled in my head, I’ll have lots more memories. Right now, … I still have a bit of a sore stomach from being that excited about being that close! I finally had to take a Pepcid!

The guys… Tony… ya gotta watch for the Tony smiles, because they DO happen. And in Ottawa, they did! Actually quite a few times! But again Tony doing what Tony does and ever the mad scientist, toiling hard at his craft… ahhhh... is fun to just watch Tony sneak a peek at the audience and the band. I really tried hard to snap one of him smiling for you Krissy!... but alas…

Mike…. Is he nearsighted? Because I was right in front of him… I noticed he’d look out at the audience and it really did seem like he was looking at you. I smiled at him when the lights went up and it would have been easier to see past the first couple of feet into the audience… but with little or no reaction, he’s right into his own zone musically. I did noticed at the first part of the show, he did seem however bugged by some tall bald guy in the front row. He had this strange scowl on his face at times when he looked at him. Hopefully this wasn’t the rock critic and I missed an opportunity to pour beer on his fool head on behalf of Phil ..oops… I digress … I couldn’t see what he was doing, but the bald guy looked like he was text messaging or something else and wasn’t watching the show that much. He was the only one sitting down in the front row, (looking down at something he was doing towards the floor – he left before Tonight x 3.) Regardless though… Mike’s playing was spot on… he seemed more energetic in Toronto in my opinion, but I found there were less “oops” in the tempos and playing etc than Toronto.

Shoobedoobe mentioned that a couple of the songs seemed to have the tempo sped up again… felt like that too. I’ll leave it to some of the others to figure that out.

Chester… what can you say about this man other than he’s so rock solid it’s freaky! Another spot on, excellent night! Phil and Chester did look like they changed up the drum solo… Phil was doing something with the bottom of the chair… going up and down it a lot that he didn’t do in Toronto I don’t think. More “metal bar hits” on the base of the stool as he bounced up and down to play it.

Daryl… Ok, and for anyone who knows me…knows this is hard for me to say…*grin*… Now understand… I’m about 15 ft from Phil Collins, (and thank god it’s a 2 ½ hour show)… because I had a hell of a time keeping my eyes off Daryl. *grin* Anyone who plays like this man does!... It’s just like watching a finely tuned athlete at his peak! PURR! Watching him look out at the audience was fun. Clearly, … this man enjoys being on stage! Clearly … we enjoy watching him up there!

Alrighty… Phil being playful. Much more playful and relaxed than Toronto IMO. Genuine chuckles and jousting with the audience. On the stage left side, there were a bunch of ladies up dancing all night. I love Ottawa and the lack of security… and not in a bad way… I just think we’re a pretty “boring” town when it comes to incidents, and so the security guards were sitting comfortably on the outer sides of the stage. I never saw one of them move… they seemed to be enjoying both the stage show and the “bouncy sweater floor show” from the ladies. Phil went over to that side and danced back at them during Invisible Touch. I don’t even know what you call that dance… the one they used to do in the sixties where you put your arms up in front of you like you’re climbing a ladder.

He did seem to move around a lot more tonight. And frankly, I like the arena stage better than the outdoor monster Toronto stage. I just think the outdoor stage felt like it was TOO big for Phil to “be” Phil on. This type of stage is and was far more suited to a Genesis type show, IMO. We got pyrotechnics they were cool etc. And Phil was able to get to stage left and right catwalks without leaving the “band” for an impropriate amount of time during any one song.

I especially got a kick out of a set of 2 or 3 blonds at the very front row who were certainly making Phil grin. The “blonds” seemed to have the same “lets’ play” attitude as Phil, so he was getting a kick out of it. At one point, one of the ladies went up to the stage in front of Phil and did the “rock star - almost touch” to him first. You know when you hold out your hand and move your fingers just out of reach of the audience. He looked down at her and grinned, he probably thought it “fun” that she reversed roles on him. No guards bothered her, … ya know when you can tell someone is “harmless”… well anyway she seemed to have that same playful sense of humor about it as Phil. The ladies would dance, Phil would look right down at them.. and do a little “twist again last summer” thing. Shook his camera at them, made some faces at them etc. Finally during I Can’t Dance… after of course… he did a well emphasized hand in his pocket – checking everything is in place “pocket pool” routine … This time shall I say… he did make an emphasized uhm… protrusion with his fist in his cackies while looking down at them with this naughty teasing look on his face! LOL.… I’m harmed for life, I’ll never look at him in those cackies the same again! *smirk* I only wish I could have got that picture especially with the face he made when he was doing it! I did however get one of this same lady then walking up to the stage and reaching out her hand again … this time getting close enough to Phil that it looks like he touched it briefly for a moment, sang his line and then smiled.

Ya know, I can see what people get a little tongue tied meeting someone they’ve “followed” for so long. I couldn’t help myself,… I found it fascinating to be able to see Phil’s facial expressions that close up….. and yyyyyyyyyyyessssssss I spent time watching – (are you kiddin’ me?!?).

During Mama, the camera man was positioned so when Phil does his “hhahah face” he has to lean right in front our section. Now of course, I doubt he can’t see anything bright lights and all …but it was weird to see him make this face. No wonder he used to scare the little kids with that! LOL He scared the hell out of me… especially the last one where he just sort of stays there… and has this “mad and freaky thru these walls meets jack the ripper” type expression on his face. He holds that stair for a few moments after the bright lights stop shining on him. Quite … er…weird to see that up so close. Still think he'd make for a real good psycho role in a movie!

I also noticed you can see he does spend time looking out into the audience, scoping out who he can see in the first couple of rows. (of course when the lights are right... kinda hard to see past the 2 or 3 row a lot of times when you’re on stage). One of these days though, I’d love to ask him some of the stranger things he’s seen/observed from his vantage point.

One of my favorite moments was when he sits down during the solo/shortened interlude in Ripples… and actually sits down on the drum pedestal, sort of relaxes himself by leaning forward and starts looking at the audience... “checking us out”. There’s no “game on/actor face” going on at this point… he’s just checking out who/what if anything I guess… he can see. So anyway he takes as sip of his water… and… (now remember this is Ripples, for me,… an anthem!)…and he’s sitting in front of his drums…for a second I honestly thought he was going to pick up that orange cat who sleeps at the foot of his bass drum (and which he could have reached) and start to pet it! *laugh* But he didn’t! Anyways… it was awesome… it was Ripples… purr! Just happy purr.

I also have to admit… I now feel SO spoiled! I’m always going to want to see a Phil/Genesis from THAT close! Yeah guys…maybe it wasn’t Mike’s bass humming after all … it was me purring!

Also (girl talk - ladies)… Phil’s facial expressions… some of the lyrics in Afterglow, Hold On My Heart, Throwing it All Away,… Domino (especially… hold each other near tonight… and pray it will last forevvvvver!) T’was kinda hard to not notice Phil’s facial expressions during some songs. He grabs hold of some of the lyrics and really pours his gut into singing those parts, I noticed. Btw… Hold On My Heart… from my vantage point, I could see other folks who also stood up to applaud after he finished the song. Another amazing performance of the song! 'Nuff said.

Ok… now that I’ve seen this … him … UPCLOSE… I want to see an intimate unplugged gig with Phil singing like that! (hint hint G-men!)… And yeah… I’ll pay for front row… cuz my feet STILL haven’t touched the ground! *smile*

Toronto, Ottawa, Ottawa… Toronto? Which was better? As others have said in their posts, they enjoyed them for different reasons… I think the sound was better in Toronto but for me personally and lady luck shining down on getting such amazing seats… I’d say Ottawa blew me away . … ya just can’t beat being *that* close to a the band (and yeah that little cutie with the blue eyes too!)… who you’ve followed for 30 years. MAGIC!

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