Hannover 23-06-2007 Review

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No Son Of Mine

Land Of Confusion

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Still no changes in the live-set. Genesis performed these songs in Hannover:

Behind The Lines / Duke's End
Turn It On Again
No Son Of Mine
Land Of Confusion
In The Cage / The Cinema Show / Duke's Travels
Hold On My Heart
Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
Follow You Follow Me
Firth Of Fifth / I Know What I Like
Throwing It All Away
Drum Duet
Los Endos
Tonight Tonight Tonight
Invisible Touch

I Can’t Dance
The Carpet Crawlers


by bothsides

Well, what can I say, I don`t want to repeat myself after the Düsseldorf gig in 2005, but the Hannover Show yesterday was the best concert I ever saw. It started to rain right when they started, and it rained for about 15 min very heavy but then it stopped. What a dramatic opening!
Phil was very chatty, Tony had some probs with his Keyboard and Phil said something to that and Introduced the crew  his introductions were very funny, he played lots of drums, more than I ever heard of him before. Perfect sound, second row (in the 2nd half even front row!), just unbelievable, just stand there and those guys play songs like In The Cage or Los Endos.
The Set was the same as always, and I don`t want them to change, it works perfect.

I'm glad it wasn't my only show, this is the best Tour for the next few years, its hard to top for sure!

by NP-complete

That was certainly the best concert I have seen so far!!!

The visuals are simply fantastic! I had chosen my seat with priority to seeing the stage rather than the band's nostrils  , and I think that was the right approach for me. It is a very good compromise between video footage and lighting - and most importantly, always highlighting the music and not just beeing there while a band plays as well.

Phil's voice is in great shape - still incredibly powerfull. I think it was better that on the FFFT, where, personally, I found the singing at times a tiny bit too tame. Of course, at Genesis concerst there is no choir to "drown" the vocal sound so this may be a bit unfair from me.
I cannot compare the overall sound to the other shows because this was my first (and sadly last as well), but I think it was pretty good. The first few songs lacked a bit of clarity and sounded a tad shrill, but that may have been due to the rain. That was settled quickly, I think after 20 minutes or so.

It seems to me that the band is enjoying itself on this SOS, and they are playing songs they are really comfortable with.

All in all a memorable experience for me.

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