East Rutherford 27-09-2007 Review


Behind The Lines / Duke’s End
Turn It On Again
No Son Of Mine
Land Of Confusion
In The Cage / The Cinema Show / Duke’s Travels
Hold On My Heart
Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
Follow You Follow Me
Firth Of Fifth / I Know What I Like
Throwing It All Away
Drum Duet
Los Endos
Tonight Tonight Tonight (intro)
Invisible Touch

I Can’t Dance
The Carpet Crawlers



Saw them the other night at Giant's Stadium. What a concert! I wanted to see them a couple of nights before at MSG NYC where I live but could not go, so went to NJ. And I honestly prefer to see Genesis at stadiums, whereas I prefer to see PC at arenas.

I can't really add more to all the reviews other than it was a great, great concert (according to my seat neighbor who saw them at the MSG much better concert / he mentioned Phil sounded a little tired at MSG, maybe someone who was there can comment).

Anyway, amazing is not enough to describe, especially when seeing them perform songs like "Los Endos" "Ripples", "Follow you" etc, live was only a dream to me when I closed my eyes and listen to " Seconds Out or "Three sides live" . First time I saw them live was for the "I can't dance tour".

Something that catches my attention (and not that I care about the critics) is why in Canada and Europe they get such positive reviews and here in the US they are so negative?. Do these idiotic critics even know about Genesis' career or they think they are a bunch of older guys who started playing a couple of years ago ? (I would like to see if Justin Timberland" or Dave Matthews or any of the current "pop idols" will sell out concerts worldwide 30 years from now). I don't know, just a thought. as I've said I could care less about critics.

Well...long post, sorry. Just one thing I wanted to mention is how can we post a poll to try to determine which was the best live performance of this tour ? (as there are many here who where lucky enough to see more than one concert).
The reason for it is that I would love to get another encore CD (besides the one I've been to).

That's all, thanks for listening.


I was in Giants Stadium as well and also loved the concert. I saw them in Montreal as well and I have to say Montreal was a better show. The reason is not the band itself. Their music was awesome. It was the atmosphere. At Giants Stadiuem they kept the lights on on bottom two levels and it took away from the night. I was in the 200 section and had a light on right above my head the whole show. Also in New Jersey (heard the same about MSG) the audience keeps getting up and going places whereas in Montreal no one got up the entire show. Everyone was glued to their seats. I think New York area likes the pop sings versus the older songs like 'In this Cage/Afterglow".
Phil's voice was awesome at both shows and the band was totally "on". The atmosphere plays such a role at these shows. My favorite song from the concert was "Ripples". I think the band should re-release that song. IT sounds awesome and I just keep replaying it in my car on the way to work.
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