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Brussels 04-06-2007 Review

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by UK76

Several photos from the Brussels dress rehearsal have already appeared on the internet and although we still do not want to spoil too much, we have a couple of great close-ups for you (more will follow soon in a huge photo-gallery, including images from the stage show)

It was a strange situation - 250 invited people in this old EXPO hall 5, the stage was built crosswise (otherwise it would not have fitted in), waiting for the first real Genesis live-show in 2007. It was only 2pm when the band came on stage to perform a strong Behind The Lines / Duke's End intro. What followed was a carreer spanning set, covering all albums from 1973-1991 except for Abacab. We don't want to reveal too much from the stage show (also because we have been asked not to), but we can say this: Genesis 2007 are bigger and more impressive than ever before. The show was nearly perfect from a technical point of view. Phil missed some vocals here and then, but that's something you will always hear during live-shows. Phil also played a lot of drums, during Follow You Follow Me he drums and sings simultaneously. Ripples and In The Cage don't seem to be a problem for his voice and even Mama was performed convincingly, although you could hear that they have altered the vocals a bit to lower the risk for Phil's voice - but it does not affect the quality of the songs in a bad way!
The start of the show is a symbiosis of the instrumental sections of Behind The Lines and Duke's End. Ripples is nearly complete, which includes a great guitar solo by Daryl Stuermer. Follow You Follow Me was, other than rumours reported before, performed in its entirety and wasn't really part of a medley - Chester played percussions, while Phil was drumming and singing. Firth Of Fifth was only the instrumental part (like in 1998), Duke's Travels was played as part of the In The Cage Medley, but wasn't complete either. The second and last encore The Carpet Crawlers began - as we are used to in the Collins-era - without the first verse with the line "the crawlers cover the floor"
It was interesting to see that Mike used his new double neck guitar frequently. Find below some close-up shots we took at the dress rehearsal. More photos will follow towards the Helsinki show.
All guests could agree on one thing: Genesis are fit for the tour and ready to go - Turn It On Again!

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