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Twilight Alehouse

(Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford)

Archive 1967-75
1971 Released as B-side of "I Know What I Like" single, 1974

Is it really true, what they’re saying?
Are you really sure there’s nobody come for me?
When I’m walking home, there is no one
Once there was a house full of laughter, so warm.
Trying to pretend there is someone,
Someone who will care when I need it.


I will now receive my comfort
Conjured by the magic power of wine:
Just a drink -and I’ll get that drink- and I’m feeling good.
Just a drink -and I’ll get that drink- and I’m feeling fine.
Just a drink to take my sorrow
Just a drink and you can blast tomorrow
Just a drink to make me feel like a man again.
Now I’m down.

When I walk outside, there is nowhere,
Children follow me with their laughter; so cold (hah hah hah)
Casting just a glance at the churchyard,
Casting just a glance at my painted female friend.
Now I’m on my way, I am falling
Got to find some help, oh I need that now.


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