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Try A Little Sadness

Archive 1967-75

If you see another staring straight at you
Take his life and change it;
That's what you always do.

You're still in the days of childhood
Where everything is wrong and no good
I can see, what you're trying,
what you're trying to be
Let me tell you now:


Try a little sadness baby
Try a little sadness baby
Try a little sadness or you love will never be found

Your pink Dalmatian out in to the street
So you laugh, but cry when it comes to bite your feet
You say it's fun to live
where there's always take and no give
Don't you see that where you live,
there's a world of sin?


You always go and hide you lovin'
before it's gone and too late
Things are changing, you're remaining
Leave it and come with me...
Let me tell you now...


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