The Mystery Of The Flannan Isle Lighthouse

Archive 1967-75

Flannan Isle is in the South on the Point of Kedgeree
Forty seven miles from land in the roughest part of the sea
On the finest day and the sea was black
And they say that no one has ever come back from there

They say that wicked spirits haunt the lighthouse in the night
Fears close to many men who've tried to start the warning light
Waves are hurled against the earthly rocks
Spray is changed at once to a wall of ice tern who wants to rest its
tired limbs
And is tumed to a flurry of snow

The island's rocks have many caves that smell of dying flesh
They lure the strangers to their maze of never ending length
The empty cave is filied with sound a man is lying in
the ground below

Each month a boat is sueked to perish by the rocky isle
Each tide is full recovered from the wreckage there
Boats that sail too near to Flannan feel the weather
change and they tum away
If they dare to look behind them screams of
disappointment fill the air

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