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Sea Bee

Archive 1967-75

Hey; Sea Bee, fly through the waters as sadness that
pulls you away
from me
Hey, Sea Bee, you’ll freeze in the wind that’s gently
blowing you away
from me

Fly to me quickly
Soften your cold wings
I’ll find you comfort
You know you’re gonna fall down, down, down
‘Til you end up on the ground

You have no fun
You’re on your own
Where you flying now in the sky?
Can you cast your eyes below?

Hey, Sea Bee, raindrops are falling on the shadows
where you are so
close to me
Hey, Sea Bee, the beauty I saw has been wrenched
from the sea of my
sorrowing eyes

Swim home to me, now
You can just make it
I know you like it
You know you’re gonna fall down, down , down
‘Til you end up on the ground
You’re slipping now
You’re on your own

Drifting higher in the sky
Disappearing from my sight
Hey, Sea Bee, once in a while think of the friend that
you left behind
Hey’ Sea Bee, I can’t forget you or the warmth that
surrounded your
gentle heart

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