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Lilywhite Lilith

(Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford)

Archive 1967-75, 1998
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, 1974

He stands by a middle-aged woman, with a very pale
skin who is quietly
talking to herself. He discovers she is blind and asking
for a guide.
"What's the use of a guide if you got nowhere to go"
asks Rael.
"I've got somewhere to go," she replies "if you take
me through the
noise, I'll show you. I'm a creature of the caves and I
follow the way the breezes blow."

He leads her across the room and they leave the
crowd, who dismiss their departure as certain to fail.

The chamber was in confusion - all the voices shouting loud.
I could only just hear, a voice quite near say, "Please
help me through the crowd"
'Said if I helped her thru' she could help me too, but I could
see that she was wholly blind.
But from her pale face and her pale skin, a moonlight shined.

Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna take you thru' the tunnel of night
Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna lead you right.

When through the door, the woman leads Rael down
the tunnel. The light of
the chamber soon fades and despite her confident
step Rael often stumbles
in the darkness.

After a long walk they arrive in what Rael judges to be
a big round cave,
and she speaks a second time asking him to sit down.
It feels like a cold
stone throne.

"Rael, sit here. They will come for you soon. Don't be
afraid." And failing
to explain any more she walks off. He faces his fear
once again.

When I'd led her through the people, the angry noise
began to grow.
She said "Let me feel the way the breezes blow, and
I'll show
you where to go."
So I followed her into a big round cave, she said
"They're coming for you, now don't be afraid."
Then she sat me down on a cold stone throne, carved
in jade.

Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna take you thru' the tunnel of night.
Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna lead you right.

A tunnel is lit up to the left of him, and he begins to
shake. As it grows
brighter, he hears a non-metallic whirring sound. The
light is getting
painfully bright, reflecting as white off the walls until
his vision is
lost in a sort of snow blindness.

She leaves me in my darkness,
I have to face, face my fear,
And the darkness closes in on me,
I can hear a whirring sound growing near.
I can see the corner of the tunnel,
Lit up by whatever's coming here.
Two golden globes float into the room
And a blaze of white light fills the air.

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