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Hidden In The World Of Dawn

Archive 1967-75

Pastel colours bring the sky to life
Cleanse the night with a breath of dawn
Silence broken when a baby cries
Piercing the mist that cloaks the cool outside

The streets are beginning to moan gently now
Daylight lays on the ground
Dew drops trickle down leaves gently now
Soaking the pathway of the father’s motions

Windows opening as the postman calls
Letters to smell; letters to burn
Daily papers through the hole in the door
Sex and news fill the wisdom of a million minds

Time is a measure of strength quickly now
Speed is the cause of decay
Traffic is humble to fall on your knees
Pushing and pulling the tired
Little men in their cars


Wake up! Your conscience is calling!
Reality begins at nine
Wake up! Think what you’re missing
Hidden in the world of dawn

Rest your body with soothing sleep
Dream of the hours you left behind
Listen carefully for the break of day
The twilight’s near, silence brings the fantasy here

Silhouettes mingle with sky backed with smog
Ripples of morning flow by
The quietness flavours the glow
Breathe it in
Imagine the bliss that is glazing the warm face agleam


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