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Live at Knebworth: Deluxe Edition

Live at Knebworth: Deluxe Edition Live at Knebworth: Deluxe Edition Cover
The very phrase Knebworth, when combined with anything music related sparks iconic imagery and memories for those who were both part of the experience and those who have witnessed such events later on.
Described as ‘The Best British Rock Concert Of All Time’, this particular 20th Anniversary Release contains Two Live DVD’s, Two Live CD’s and the replica material of original concert programme and ticket. Clearly, this set is designed and complied for any individual to relive those moments some twenty years ago. In fact, the exact date was June 30th 1990 and the concert took place at Knebworth House, which hosted a staggering 120,000 fans. Having originally been in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and the BRIT School Of Performing Arts (still the pinnacle of performing arts institutes today, nurturing the likes of Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash, Adele, The Kooks, The Feeling and many more...). Just to whet your appetite, the front cover displays in silver lettering some of the biggest acts of their time, including; Eric Clapton, Phil Collins (yay!), Dire Straits, Genesis, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Sir Cliff Richard (hmm...), Status Quo and Tears For Fears. To be honest, before I had even opened the packaging, I was preparing myself for a really great visual and aural entertainment. Of course, the one issue encountered with a two disc DVD set like this, is that there will always be one disc which you feel outshines the other. For me, disc two was the first one I played, because it included performances by Page and Plant, Genesis and Pink Floyd. Given the previously highlighted artist roster, these immediately stood out to me as being superior to the others (for my taste). After brief history of Knebworth and short artist summaries, Robert Plant takes the stage donning a brave 90’s shirt, complete with his blonde, flowing locks. Everything is going great and Robert is doing a pretty good job, but it isn’t until Jimmy Page walks on stage that the whole performance appears to step up a gear. Knocking out ‘Wearing & Tearing’, as well as Zeppelin epic ‘Rock and Roll’ as a duo, it is evident that both individuals need each other to really make a true musical impact.

Hands up, I love Genesis and Phil Collins and you can say what you like about them. If you must follow the crowds and be a sheep, then you are welcome to diss them, but the reality is that these people are just naive, narrow minded fools. You won’t see a more accomplished group of musicians and their true attention to detail sets them aside from counterparts across the weekend. Phil’s voice carries well and despite heavy rain and strong winds, the performance really shows what a truly stunning band they are. Showcasing songs like ‘Mama’, ‘Throwing it all away’ and ‘Turn it on again Medley’ (which includes Pinball Wizard), the crowd are in their hands by the time they exit stage left.

genesis knebworthSadly, you only get two songs by Pink Floyd, one of which includes ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’, which as we all know is a very atmospheric and emotional song (look up the background and meaning to the song on wiki if you are interested). This is another chance to recognise that we have NO upcoming bands who will ever match the talent or iconic status to that of aforementioned acts.

So, now, in reverse order, I put in disc one and prepared for battle. Straight in with a bit of Tears for Fears and they nail the old favourites; ‘Change’, ‘Badmans Song’ and crowd pleaser ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’. The band are very cohesive and the sound comes across as polished and well mixed by whoever was on the desk that day. Mr Sir Cliff Richard appears and I can’t help but sigh as he trundles through a cringy performance which I must admit I am far from interested in. Next up is the solo effort of Phil Collins who powers through In The Air Tonight (an absolute winner which sees a wave of arms bouncing left and right from the front to the back of the venue). And he also breezes through Sussudio which demands much respect from all who witness it.

Cheerful chaps Status Quo show the audience that they can cut it alongside the best. Yeah, some people don’t like the rock and roll poses, followed by back and forth guitar tom-foolery, but quite honestly, they are on top of their game and ‘Whatever You Want’ and ‘Rockin all over the world’ are sure fire hits. Sadly, they plump for ‘In the army now’, which has never been a favourite of mine and sours the mood slightly after such a strong set. Clapton turns up to show his worth, although he doesn’t opt for more popular tracks, instead settling for ‘Before you accuse me’ and ‘Tearin’ us apart’. Not my thing really, but things start to pick up when Dire Straits arrive and Clapton hangs around to add some harmony and performs a quant duet with Knopfler on ‘Solid Rock’. Of course, ‘Money For Nothing’ is pure class and the finger picked licks and riffs show real style and grace. Hey, what we need now is a flamboyant pianist with brightly coloured glasses! Good news, Elton is around the corner and delivering the goods. Not a bad performance, but I’d like to have heard something from the Lion King ideally.

A great collectors set for any Knebworth fans, with obvious iconic performances from a plethora of masterful musicians.

Track Listing

DVD – Disc One
Tears For Fears: 1) Change 2) Badman's Song 3) Everybody Wants To Rule The World / Cliff Richard & The Shadows: 4) On The Beach 5) Good Golly Miss Molly 6) We Don't Talk Anymore / Phil Collins & The Serious Band: 7) In The Air Tonight 8) Sussudio Paul McCartney: 9) Coming Up 10) Birthday 11) Hey Jude 12) Can't Buy Me Love / Status Quo: 13) Whatever You Want 14) Rockin' All Over The World 15) Dirty Water 16) In The Army Now / Eric Clapton: 17) Before You Accuse Me 18) Tearin' Us Apart Dire Straits: 19) Solid Rock 20) Think I Love You Too Much 21) Money For Nothing / Elton John: 22) Sacrifice 23) Sad Songs (Say So Much)

DVD – Disc Two
Robert Plant: 1) Hurting Kind 2) Tall Cool One 3) Wearing And Tearing (with Jimmy Page) 4) Rock And Roll (with Jimmy Page) / Genesis: 5) Mama 6) Throwing It All Away 7) Turn It On Again Medley: Turn It On Again / Somebody To Love / Reach Out, I'll Be There / Pinball Wizard / In The Midnight Hour / Turn It On Again (reprise) / Pink Floyd: 8) Shine On You Crazy Diamond 9) Run Like Hell

CD – Disc One
Tears For Fears: 1) Everybody Wants To Rule The World 2) Badman's Song / Status Quo: 3) Dirty Water 4) Whatever You Want 5) Rockin’ All Over The World / Cliff Richard & The Shadows: 6) On The Beach 7) Do You Wanna Dance / Robert Plant: 8) Hurting Kind 9) Liar's Dance 10) Tall Cool One 11) Wearing And Tearing (with Jimmy Page) / Genesis: 12) Mama 13) Turn It On Again Medley: Somebody To Love / Satisfaction / Twist And Shout / Reach Out I'll Be There / You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling / Pinball Wizard / In The Midnight Hour / Turn It On Again

CD – Disc Two
Phil Collins & The Serious Band: 1) Sussudio / Eric Clapton: 2) Sunshine Of Your Love / Dire Straits: 3) Think I Love You Too Much 4) Money For Nothing / Elton John: 5) Sad Songs (Say So Much) 6) Saturday Night's All Right (For Fighting) / Paul McCartney: 7) Coming Up 8) Hey Jude / Pink Floyd: 9) Comfortably Numb 10) Run Like Hell

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Additional Info

  • Actors: Various
  • Directors: -
  • Producers: -
  • Format: Color, DVD, DTS Digital Surround Sound, Dolby Surround 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Release Date: Monday, 14 June 2010
  • Run Time: 180 minutes


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