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Why do you think they're called Genesis?

Instead, what we got was an extensive, and largely entertaining retrospective of Genesis music dating back 30 years by the version of the band most people know and love, with Phil Collins up front with guitarist Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks on keyboards.

Genesis opened up the whole songbook with a brilliantly produced concert that began with a startling steel clamshell staging backed by an enormous video screen as well as two oval antique video screens.

The set and sound system is so large that it takes 30 trailers to move. It served the band well, with lots of animation and rolling live video of the band as they opened with Behind The Lines, before Phil moved to the microphone for more recent hits like the pounding Land of Confusion.

"Are there any old people here tonight?" Collins asked to a roaring cheer, before adding "I mean besides us."

Not surprisingly, the biggest cheer came for In the Cage from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

While Collins did a pretty convincing job of selling it, most of the attention was on Banks and his blazing synthesizer arpeggios from The Cinema Show and Afterglow. That segment was probably one of the best 20-minutes I've ever had at any concert with virtuosic playing and dazzling technological effects.

While the concert had brilliant playing and fun-loving showmanship from Collins -- tirelessly energetic both singing, playing with the audience or behind the drumkit -- there were more moments that were too strikingly mediocre to ignore. That's the risk of trying to be everything the fans wanted them to be.

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