The Platinum Collection

THE PLATINUM COLLECTION also features the hits Genesis are best remembered for such as Invisible Touch, Tonight Tonight Tonight, Turn It On Again and No Son Of Mine which were released at the time when Collins, together with the talents of Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, were the force that gained them such memorable and incredible success.

A DVD, THE VIDEO SHOW, is also set for release on 29th November and contains all of Genesis’ promotional videos on DVD for the first time.

TRACKLISTING (Tracks denoted with * are newly remixed)

We Can't Dance
No Son Of Mine / I Can't Dance / Jesus He Knows Me / Hold On My Heart
Invisible Touch
Invisible Touch / Throwing It All Away / Tonight Tonight Tonight (Edit)
Land Of Confusion / In Too Deep
Mama / That's All / Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea / Illegal Alien*
3 x 3 E.P.
Calling All Stations…
Calling All Stations

Abacab* / Keep It Dark*
Turn It On Again* / Behind The Lines / Duchess* / Misunderstanding*
…And Then There Were Three…
Many Too Many* / Follow You Follow Me* / Undertow*
Wind And Wuthering
In That quiet Earth* / Afterglow* / Your Own Special Way
A Trick Of The Tail
A Trick Of The Tail* / Ripples* / Los Endos*

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway* / Counting Out Time* / Carpet Crawlers*
Selling England By The Pound
Firth Of Fifth* / Cinema Show* / I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)*
Supper's Ready
Nursery Cryme
The Musical Box*
The Knife*

* newly remixed by Nick Davis at The Farm, 2004

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