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Rock group Genesis rehearses in school

Photo: Patrick Martin - The five members Genesis are practising in a local school in Cossonay
The Five Band Members

Phil Collins and his legendary band, reassembled for the first time in several years, are discreetly preparing for their next tour in the Vaud village of Cossonay.

It looks like any other day in the backyard of Pré-aux-Moines school in Cossonay. The only evidence that one of the world's most famous rock groups might be around is a pile of 30 metal boxes near the school's entrance. They are tagged with the names of Genesis, the legendary British art-rock band begun in the 1970s. No sign of groupies around the premises either, as the group, disbanded for more than 10 years, prepares to reunite for another tour.

The band has been rehearsing the songs for its Turn it on again tour for the past two days in the Vaud village of Cossonay. Drummer and lead singer Phil Collins, a resident in Vaud for several years, wanted to work close to where his family lives. The band appreciates the relaxed atmosphere of the place. Swiss people are quiet, nobody has disturbed us, bass player Mike Rutherford told Lausanne's 24 heures newspaper.

The band decided to get back together again in 2006. Their last world tour dates back to 1993. We have two weeks of rehearsal in front of us." Rutherford said. "For the moment, we are not nervous yet, but it will come. Although the group is practising in Vaud, it will not be performing in nearby Lausanne or Geneva. The only Swiss date on Genesis's European tour is a June 17 stop in Berne at the Stade de la Suisse.

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