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Mellon Arena - GenesisThree-fifths of the rock band Genesis reunited at Mellon Arena, Uptown, on Sunday -- drawing young fans and those with hair almost as sparse as lead singer Phil Collins.

The progressive British rock band ranged from its intricate FM sound to AM hits to the delight of the nearly 11,000 fans who attended the third stop of its North American tour.

The core of Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks was joined by drummer Chester Thompson and guitarist Daryl Stuermer. AWOL were Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett.

On its first tour in 15 years, Genesis played a 23-song set with no opening act or intermission. Although the band formed in 1968, the play list concentrated on the later years.
The elfin Collins, his head shaved, told the crowd, "Let's go back to those distant memories when some of us had hair." He then sat on a stool and crooned "Hold on My Heart" from the 1991 album, "We Can't Dance."

Genesis played the otherworldly "Home By the Sea" as surreal blue lights flooded the stage and ghostly images flashed on a screen behind the band. On "Mama," Collins stooped down and cackled into a white light, his face illuminated like a jack-o'-lantern.

On "I Know," Collins amused the crowd by banging a tambourine on his head, elbow, knee and foot.

But for sheer energy, his drum duet with Thompson provided fireworks almost as lively as the pyrotechnics that culminated the medley of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" and "Invisible Touch."

For an encore, Genesis performed "I Can't Dance," with Collins, Rutherford and Banks strutting across the stage as fans in the front row imitated their walk.

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