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Phil Collins: Why Genesis Is Over

Phil Collins has revealed the reason behind his comment that Genesis is effectively over: he’s expecting to retire from making music after finishing promotional work on his new covers album.

Phil Collins: Why Genesis Is Over
The MOJO Honours List 2008 Award Ceremony

The singer and drummer last month caused controversy by seeming to shut down the prog-rock back by the back door, saying: “I think Genesis are no longer. I don’t foresee doing any more Genesis shows – it doesn’t fit in with my life.” He also infuriated some long-time fans by suggesting he’d enjoyed working with other musicians more than with his own band.

But after a year in which he admitted he couldn’t play drums or piano properly any more, due to bad posture leading to back and hand pain, he’s now revealed he plans to end his musical career in a few weeks – once he’s completed promo work for Going Back.

Collins tells Billboard: “I’m not anticipating doing anything else. If I do write songs I don’t know about out an album or anything like that – I don’t really have the desire to do that now.

It bothers me a lot less than people think it probably would. I’ve pushed my envelope wider than a lot of people probably remember.

There’s always going to be some things you wish you’d done differently, but in general I’m very proud of what I’ve done, and there’s not a lot I haven’t tried.

It’s a somewhat inauspicious wind-down for a musical force which came into being 43 years ago and released 15 studio albums. Originally fronted by Peter Gabriel, the band were acclaimed as prog-rock pioneers before gradually going more mainstream after Collins, who joined in 1970, took the mic six years later. Remaining members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford have been mainstays since the band began at Charterhouse School in Surrey.

Despite frequent talk in recent years about a one-off reunion with Gabriel, potentially to perform an elaborate stage version of classic album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, it would seem the band’s last word will have been their 2007 Turn It On Again reunion tour.

Genesis remain the only prog-rock band other than Pink Floyd to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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