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Phil Collins' Genesis heads to area

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Ripples An interesting ballad choice from A Trick of the Tail. Not terribly popular with many old-schoolers, who, given the choice, might have voted for the complex time signatures of Dance on a Volcano or the humorous Robbery, Assault and Battery from the same album.


Throwing It All Away One of two No. 1 songs from the No. 1 album Invisible Touch and another opportunity for old-schoolers to bah humbug.

Domino Banks' extended multipart anti-war song from Invisible Touch that features a poppy vocal section and changes in tempo, which on the record is marred by the '80s synth sounds that simply have not aged very well.

Drum duet Collins and Thompson (who before Genesis played with fusion giants Weather Report and Frank Zappa and Collins' solo bands) have been doing duets since Thompson joined the touring band in the mid-1970s. If the idea of any kind of drum solo makes you cringe, take heart, because it is truly a duet a well-arranged and well-performed drum composition not just two drummers trying to out-paradiddle each other.

Los Endos Another favorite of the old-schoolers, this instrumental serves as the epilogue to the A Trick of the Tail album and will give Collins and Thompson more chances to wow concert-goers with their furious drum flurries.

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight/Invisible Touch A quick medley of hits melding the crawling Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, which sold beer for a few years, with the incredibly poppy Invisible Touch, which was the group's other No. 1 hit in America. This is a good spot for the old-schoolers to go for a bathroom break and complain to one another.

I Can't Dance From the album of the same name and the last with Collins. It's a light bluesy rock tune.

Carpet Crawlers The group ends with one last gasp for the old-schoolers. This delicate ballad, featuring Banks raining arpeggios from Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, is a fan favorite and was another staple of the band's concert repertoire until 1980.

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