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Last Night's Reunion

The set was:

Invisible Touch
Then Follow You Follow Me
<20 minute interval for Tony Smith's induction speech>
Tonight Tonight Tonight
I Can't Dance

Peter Gabriel was also there and joined the band on stage for photographs at the end, though didn't join in any of the music. Rich chatted with all of them afterwards - no startling revalations or anything, though Mike is definitely not selling his bass pedals!

Genesis Reassembles To Honor Manager

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The members of pop supergroup Genesis reassembled for a one-off performance to pay tribute to the band's long-time manager, Tony Smith, during the British Music Roll Of Honor gala last night (Sept. 21) at London's Hilton Park Lane hotel. Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks played a semi-acoustic set before a packed ballroom, before being joined briefly on stage by founding member Peter Gabriel, for whom Collins took over after the latter's 1975 exit from band.

Smith was presented with the Peter Grant Award for outstanding achievement at the event, which was organized by the Music Managers Forum. The highlight of the evening, however, was a sparkling performance by Lionel Ritchie, who was persuaded to play as a means of luring his notoriously spotlight-shy manager Barrie Marshall to the event.

Marshall, an industry concert promoter heavyweight who heads the Marshall Arts company, was inducted into the British Music Roll Of Honor. Other prize winners included U.K. dance music artist/producer Artful Dodger (producer of the year), while Rob Holden -- who manages David Gray -- took manager of the year. Also honored was Malcolm Gerrie, producer of landmark British music TV program "The Tube." He paid tribute to the show's former host, Paula Yates, who died Sept. 17.

Genesis Reforms With Phil Collins For One-Off Show

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The show will honor Genesis' manager.

LONDON--Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford will reform as Genesis for a special one-off performance to honor the band's manager Tony Smith at an awards ceremony in London on September 21. Smith is to receive U.K. music industry laurel the Music Managers Forum's Peter Grant Award for Outstanding Achievement.

According to MMF's general secretary James Fisher, Lionel Richie will also
take part in the ceremony. Since its inception in 1995, recipients of MMF Awards have included Muff Winwood, Creation label boss Alan McGee and Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin's former manager who lends his name to the Outstanding Achievement award.

Collins left Genesis for good at the beginning of the '90s. The last album
he released with the group was "We Can't Dance" in 1991.

Genesis Reunites For One-Off

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What a revelation: Genesis is reborn.

The prog-rock act turned pop act plans to reunite for a one-off show to honour the group's manager, according to the Livedaily website.

Band members Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford will play Sept. 21 at a London show in honour of their manager Tony Smith, who is to receive the Music Managers Forum Peter Grant Award for outstanding achievement, Livedaily said.

On Nov. 7, the band releases the second of a projected three box sets, "Volume 2". The triple-CD set focuses on the Collins era of the band.

Collins left Genesis in 1991 after their album "We Can't Dance."

Phil Collins Back With Genesis For One Night Only

Phil Collins is heading back to Genesis for one night only to honour the  band's manager Tony Smith. Smith will receive the Peter Grant Award for Outstanding Achievement at the Music Managers Forum in London on September 21.

A dinner will be held at the London Hilton to honour Smith with Phil
Collins flying in to join his former band mates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks.

Since its inauguration in 1995, the MMF's British Music Roll of Honour has  marked the achievements of a wide range of industry luminaries including  Muff Winwood, John Kennedy, Gail Colson, Rob Dickins, Alan McGee and Peter Grant - Led Zeppelin's former manager who lends his name to the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Phil and Genesis last recorded together in 1998, when they laid down a new version of The Carpet Crawlers for the Greatest Hits album.

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