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Interview with Nick Davis

What do you think of the fact that the drum work has been given to 2 drummers?

Well, I would have liked to do the whole record. But, you know, it's their record, so it's up to them. So I think it's fine/mine. I happy just to be on it.

Did you meet Nir Z in the studio?

No, I didn't meet him in the studio.

So you recorded separately?

Yeah, and he was there before me, I think. I came in after that.

How was it decided what songs on CAS you would play on and Nir Z would play on?

I guess Mike and Tony did. I don't know. There was around 17 songs when I auditioned, some were finished some weren't you know. And when I came back to do the recording, I recorded like 7 songs for so and its percussion things. It was up to them after I was done. So I guess they did.

How did the drum sessions go? Did you write your own basic drum parts from listening to the tune with its accompanying drum machine beats? Or did Mike and Tony direct pretty much the whole thing?

No, I pretty much came up with what I wanted to do. They played me the song in the studio that they had roughed out, the demo. And then I went in and played to it and they told me if they liked it or didn't like it or wanna me to change it. That's how it went for each song. So I guess I made up my own parts.

What do you think of the final result Calling All Stations?

I like it, yeah. It's good stuff.

Did you see the Genesis tour?

No, they didn't tour in America. So I didn't get a chance to see the tour.

Have you seen Genesis before?

Yes, many times. They were my favourite band as growing up as a kid. I've been listening to them since I was 7 years old.

Did they ask you to be the drummer on the tour?

There was talk, but it never came to me. I don't really know why. But they chose Nir so...

Are you going to be on the next Genesis record?

I don't know. I try to keep in touch with them as much as I can. And, I don't know when or if they do another Genesis record, so, maybe, hopefully they call me.

So you have no contract like Ray?

No, no, it's like a one-off thing. They just hired me to do that session.

On the current Spock's Beard tour the band is playing "Squonk". How did this come?

Well, most of it is fun. We were trying to figure out a song that progressive fans would like and Neal could play drums on and I could come sing. It had to be easy enough so Neal could play drums in and Squonk is a pretty straight ahead song, so we decided to do that. I could have chose a lot more others, too.

What exactly did you record with Peter Gabriel and is there any more to come?

I don't know if there is more planed, but I hope so. He said there might be. There was this song for the Princess Diana Tribute record ("In The Sun") that came out and that's what it was.

About Spock’s Beard:

How far are you involved in the writing process of the songs?

Well, Neal does pretty much all the songwriting and we get together and put them together as a band after he brings us the songs. I started to work on a couple of tunes so maybe that. But for all the first three records Neal did the songwriter.

Do you write your own tunes on the side?

Yes, I'm working on my own record now. I have about 20 songs and I'm getting all together and stuff like that. So you will hear my own record very soon.

What music will it be? Like Spock's Beard?

No, a little more pop than Spock's Beard. Not so progressive.

When are Spock's Beard going to do a gig in the UK?

Well, we wish we were doing it now. It's hard to go and do shows in the United Kingdom from, I don't know all the reasons, but we are planning of coming back and do another tour next year after we release our next record and we gonna definitely try and will play somewhere in Britain.

If the next Tears For Fears album goes 8 times platinum, and they call Nick up to offer 12 months of continuous touring, would he leave the Beard to do it?

No, I won't leave the band. But I try to work it out so I could go to the tour and then go back to Spock’s Beard when the tour is done. But, no, I won't leave the beard.

What kind of additional production duties were needed to finish the Kevin Gilbert project?

He has a record that we finished called "The Shaming Of The True". And it's a rock opera from the beginning to the end one story and that was about 60 % done when he passed away and I finished it from there. Some songs were completely finished, some songs were barely finished at all, you know, and I had to put a whole bunch of [. . .] in hire musicians, sing and do all kinds of stuff on it. So basically we took it from that point and finished the record.

You're playing drums?

Yeah, playing drums, singing, guitar and bass, keyboards, percussion and all kind of stuff.

Will we see or hear Kaviar material in our lifetime?

Yes. I don't know when exactly but we're trying to put out a whole bunch of Kevin's stuff. Kaviar are still around. There's still a band in Los Angelos. They're a little bit different then when Kevin and I started the band. They have a new singer, obviously, a new guitar player and they're still trying to do something, release a record, [. . .] but we also gonna try to release the Kaviar that was Kevin and me, Brian McLoud and put that out. Sometimes.

By Thomas Gensheimer

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