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Interview Genesis La Stampa

I Genesis Diminuiscono Ma A Voltre Ritornano (Assaggi su Internet del loro lp, pronto in agosto)

Genesis are minus but sometimes they're back (Tastes of their lp on Internet, ready in august)

This time they're back. "Calling all stations" is the title of their lp and will be released at the end of august, after quite six years of silence, the first the historic band releases after Phil Collins leaved. There are 11 tracks that mark a return to a more impressive sound, with some passages that remind past better times, especially for the voice of their new entry, 28-aged Ray Wilson (ex-Stiltskin), whose brilliant and groing vocalism recalls very much Peter Gabriel's, the first lead singer back in the 70's.

Like in the Agatha Christie's novel about little indians, "and then there were two", but they live as well and grow older at their best. They've already taken some ideas from the english writer when the second member, Steve Hackett, leaved back in 1978 and someone suggested them to call the album "...and then there were three". With Collins as superstar singer and high-class drummer, bassist Micheal Rutherford and keyboardist Tony Banks have walked across 80's musical revolutions without a damage. In 1991 their last studio work "We can't dance", somehow low and somehow high opera, but in every case successful, especially live. Then old Phil has taken another way, and then they're back again. New Genesis are officially a trio, Banks, Rutherford and Wilson. For drumming they've called Nick d'Virgilio and an unknown Nir Z, that seems to be the quite near thing to a drum machine ever heard in Genesis' albums. Young vocalist has been chosen after a long selection. "We made him sing NO SON OF MINE - told Rutherford - and it seemed that he ever had it in his aim". The joint venture was made in a while. Ever present on technologies' evolution, Genesis have still opened their internet site and here for the fans there are three little tastes of the album as gift. There's CALLING ALL STATIONS, who reminds the sweet atmospheres of Mama and No son of mine; there's CONGO, classical track a-la-Banks, build on a solid keyboards carpet and syntetic percussions; and finally DIVIDING LINE, with a real drum and a real drummer, many many guitar and wild keyboards. For what we know, there are no surprises or earthquakes, the route is still the same, fact that maybe will take by vomit new-rock a little bit "kitsch" and "pompous" a-la-Banks sustainers, but will surely satisfy all who from Genesis are waiting Genesis. In autumn they will depart for a long world tour that will start in America and will continue in Europe early '98, for their debut 28th january at Cardiff. On stage there will be also a second guitarist, Anthony Drennan (ex Cors and Paul Brady) while all seems to be truly intended as Micheal Rutherford principally as bassist player. In spring their start in Europe, but nobody still knows italian dates, but based on historic support of Italy for them, is quite easy supposing an italian minitour. The rest of 1998 will see the band in Asia and in South America. "After Phil's goodbye - says Rutherford - we thought something like NO MORE GENESIS. But we thought that this would never be possible". With Ray Wilson Genesis carry on and they're ready for the new millenium. What will be the result, is too much soon to tell about, but some myths - and Genesis are a myth indeed - are very hard to quit.

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