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High Fidelity Review

Remix Sessions Underway Since 2003
Many Genesis fans know that work has been underway since late 2003 to mix the album for re-release in 5.1 Surround Sound. The album's upcoming release as a Super Audio CD has not been a surprise as some pictures of the 5.1 remix sessions have featured the band's engineer working on the project with a Sony Sonoma DSD Digital Workstation.

Latest Details from Genesis Music Web Site
The latest details about the project suggest that the finished product will arrive in music stores in Europe this April. On the Genesis Music web site, we're told this week that "We can now confirm that "The Lamb.... SACD remaster" will be released on 18th April 2005. Engineer Nick Davis has gone to extreme lengths to find, sort and remix the new version from the original Lamb 24 track tapes. The SACD version will come with a new 5.1 SACD mix and a new CD stereo mix."

It sounds like an interesting journey to producing the new edition of this famed album is coming to completion. We'll keep an eye on this upcoming Surround Sound SACD as it nears store shelves this April.

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