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Guitar Magazine - Mike Rutherford

Mike Rutherford....I had a much brighter, driving sound on the Rickenbacker bass in those days, with a split system in which the bass and treble were going through a mini P.A. column.

GW: Are you tempted to do somehing like that again?

Rutherford: The other day, someone showed me a video of this Genesis tribute band up in Montreal, and there was a guy playing a double-neck bass and electrick 12-string. I thought it was quite nice, actually. I was just thinking about a medley that we are going to organize for this tour , and I might take out my old double-neck guitar (I like this!!!)

GW: One of the songs that longtime Genesis fans point to as a transitional track between the "progressive" band and the "pop" band is " Your own special way,". Did you really think " Wow, I've really done something here," when you wrote that track?

Rutherford: No. At the time, it was just a nice little acoustic song that was written with a funny tune that I can't remember now. It is one of the few songs that I remember writing. I was in Brazil, and it just felt like a good song. I think the search for the single never really came from us. Obviously, I grew up with the Beatles, and they had fantastic singles. In some respects, this wasn't our strength. I think it was a weaker area. But the satisfaction of writing a song that works with a verse and chorus that don't go off for five or tem minutes was challenging at that time.

GW: I spoke to the three of you when We can't dance came out, and I asked if you ever wished you could go into the farm and indulge in the substance of your choice ( Take into consideration that this is a magizine with nipple pierced members of Janes Addiction on the cover ) and make an album as F***ed up and weird as The Lamb again. Phil kind of bristled and said, "We do exactly what we want to do on every record!" But Tony turned to him and said, "Wait a minute, Phil, he has a point; that would be fun."

Rutherford: In a way, I agree with Tony. You have a point. It was a funny moment in time, and it wasn't a very nice album to make. It was a double album, and it was long and Peter was slow with the lyrics. It was our first chance to do a double album, and we thought we could be braver. That was the key: that we could step out of it and experiment more. In a sense, mabye the answear is to go in and not really think about an album that sound passe with a release date down the line-just record and record and record. I think it is a time factor. Mabye you can just record and record forever, which I wouldn't mind actually.

GW: arent you in the position to do that if you want? You've made enough money.

Rutherford: We are in the position, but this is obviously not the album to do it on because there are too many bigger challenges. To me,getting a new singer and integrating him in the band so it feels right is a big challenge. The mind couldn't deal with anything else.

GW: Are you aware of the prog-revival that's shaping up ( I sure aint ), both in terms of interest in the old bands, and the new bands that are extending those ideas? ( can't be done !, to good effect anyhow )

Rutherford: I have found it encouraging talking to people who listen to the stuff. A lot of critics were very anti-prog for a while- and it's easy to knock anything- but I think people are getting tired of three or four chords in a song. The whole grunge thing came and went, and being a guitarist I enjoyed that alot, but it's kind of lost its excitement. Some of these songs are great but they dont have a very long life span.

GW: Is Mike and the Mechanics on hold?

Rutherford:...............Genesis is slightley more challenging now, I suppose. In the beginning, M&M was a kick, because people didn't know who it was ( Tony's inspiration for "Seroius Inc"....). People would say, "You're the Mike from Mike and the Mechanics?" But now Genesis has somthing to prove again.

by Jim DeRogatis

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