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Genesis To Release Second Box Set, '1983-1998, The Power Trio Years'

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1. "Mama"
2. "That's All"
3. "Home by the Sea"
4. "Second Home by the Sea"
5. "Illegal Alien"
6. "Taking It All Too Hard"
7. "Just a Job to Do"
8. "Silver Rainbow"
9. "It's Gonna Get Better"

DVD Extras:
-Video: "Mama," "That's All," "Home By The Sea," "Illegal Alien"
-Mama Tour Rehearsals
-Photo Gallery: Tour programs (41 pictures)
-Reissues Interview (2007)

Invisible Touch
1. "Invisible Touch"
2. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"
3. "Land of Confusion'
4. "In Too Deep"
5. "Anything She Does"
6. "Domino, Pt. 1 - In the Glow of the Night/Pt. 2-The Last Domino"
7. "Throwing It All Away"
8. "The Brazilian"

DVD Extras:
-Video: "Invisible Touch," "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight," "Land Of Confusion," "In Too Deep," "Anything She Does"
-Tour documentary
-Behind the scenes: "Land Of Confusion"
-Old Grey Whistle Test appearance
-Photo Gallery: Tour program (23 pictures)
-Reissues Interview (2007)

We Can't Dance
1. "No Son of Mine"
2. "Jesus He Knows Me"
3. "Driving the Last Spike"
4. "I Can't Dance"
5. "Never a Time"
6. "Dreaming While You Sleep"
7. "Tell Me Why"
8. "Living Forever"
9. "Hold on My Heart"
10. "Way of the World"
11. "Since I Lost You"
12. "Fading Lights"

DVD Extras:
-Video: "No Son Of Mine," "Jesus He Knows Me," "I Can't Dance," "Tell Me Why," "Hold On My Heart"
-"No Admittance" documentary
-Photo Gallery: Tour program (24 pictures)
-Reissues Interview (2007)

Calling All Stations
1. "Calling All Stations"
2. "Congo"
3. "Shipwrecked"
4. "Alien Afternoon"
5. "Not About Us"
6. "If That's What You Need"
7. "The Dividing Line"
8. "Uncertain Weather"
9. "Small Talk"
10. "There Must Be Some Other Way"
11. "One Man's Fool"

DVD Extras:
-Video: "Congo," "Shipwrecked," "Not About Us"
-The EPK for Calling All Stations
-Live performances of "Calling All Stations," "There Must Be Some Other Way," and "The Dividing Line"
-Photo Gallery: Tour programs (13 pictures)
-Reissues Interview (2007)

Extra Tracks 1983-1998
1. "On The Shoreline"
2. "Hearts On Fire "
3. "Do The Neurotic"
4. "Feeding The Fire"
5. "I'd Rather Be You"
6. "Anything Now"
7. "Sign Your Life Away"
8. "Run Out Of Time"

DVD Extras:
-Video: EPK for Archive 2 1976 to 1992; performances at Knebworth from 1993
-Acoustic performance from 2000
-Reissues Interview (2007)

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