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Genesis To Quit For Good?

"We need to decide if we want to do another record," Banks told the Wall Of Sound website. "I think the lack of response in America for 'Calling All Stations' was a bit depressing for us, really, though it did well in Europe. In America, it wasn't so much that it was badly received as it wasn't received at all."

Keyboard player Banks and guitarist/bassist Mike Rutherford are the only remaining original members of a band whose ever diminishing personnel over the years reads like an Agatha Christie novel. First, singer Peter Gabriel flew the nest in 1975, leading to drummer Phil Collins taking over lead vocals. Two years later guitarist Steve Howe headed for the exit, and Collins himself packed his bags in 1996 to concentrate on his solo work.

Collins' replacement Ray Wilson is currently working on a solo album, while Rutherford is busy promoting his latest release with his other band Mike & The Mechanics.

"There's no way we can reinvent ourselves to say we're new, young and fresh," admitted Banks. "It's a question of whether we want to keep on with that kind of thinking or if we want to stop. I still want to make music, but there's no point in making music through Genesis if Genesis itself isn't going to be the answer."

Former guitarist Howe, who, along with Collins and Gabriel, reunited with his old mates for a new version of 'The Carpet Crawlers' on 'Turn It On Again', agreed that it may be time for the group to knock it on the head.

"I don't know if the band has a future as an entity," he said. "I think they've been a nostalgia item for some time, really. Maybe it belongs to a certain era and should be left there."

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