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Genesis Sketching Out Live DVD, Autobiography

"We're gonna film that one for a DVD and probably have a live album out from the tour as well," Rutherford says, guessing that they'll probably come out "this year, I'm sure. It makes sense to have it this year." Genesis is also releasing soundboard CDs from each concert via the Encore Series at the web site themusic.com.

Also coming this fall is a new book, "Genesis Chapter and Verse," which will present the official biography of the band including interviews with Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks as well as Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett, plus managers and others associated with the group. The late Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun gave one of his final interviews for the tome.

"It's a nice book, actually," Rutherford reports. "My wife read it and couldn't put it down. It had an effect on me, too, reading all that stuff you say about each other. It kind of brought it to the front of your mind how kind of special the way we work is and has been -- the way we write, the way we get on so well, the way we've done things. I think it made us appreciate what a great journey it's been and what fun it still is."

Genesis continues the journey on Sept. 7, when the North American leg of the reunion tour begins. What will happen after those 20 shows, however, is anybody's guess, according to Rutherford.

"At the moment we're avoiding making long-term plans," he notes. A reunion that includes Gabriel and Hackett is still a possibility, but Rutherford says a full-scale reactivation of any form of Genesis is unlikely.

"It's not like we reformed the band and we're going to get back and do an album," he explains. "But that doesn't mean we can't do stuff together -- but in a slightly different way. We're having a very good time. We're enjoying ourselves, and so we'll talk when we get there about what else we might do rather than map this big, long plan out."

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