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Genesis Revisted

On a tour of this size, bands rarely switch up the setlist. We’re only the eighth stop on the North American leg of the jaunt, but a quick look at the long European tour shows that Genesis has not made any real alterations to the songs performed.

So, if you don’t want to know what Genesis plans to play Sunday, please turn the page now. But can you really resist reading my lovely prose? Give me a try!

Joking aside, here’s my take on the 19 songs you’re likely to hear come Sunday. And heck, if you’re not going to the show, here are the 19 songs you can surely illegally download come Monday. According to all sources, this list represents the order of the tunes, too. Have fun reading.

1. "Duke’s Intro (Behind the Lines)" — An instrumental mash-up of both "Duke’s End" and "Behind the Lines," both off the stellar "Duke" record. Thank heavens the band isn’t doing the version of "Behind the Lines" Phil Collins put on his debut solo disc. That take on the tune makes Rick James (God bless his soul) vomit in his mouth.

2. "Turn It On Again" — An underrated gem, it makes me dance in my office chair just thinking about it. I think I just kicked my computer. Oops.

3. "No Son of Mine" — The old George Bush’s favorite song, it’s a pretty substandard tune for Genesis.

4. "Land Of Confusion" — Who can forget the great video with the puppets? Heck, I was 7 and it gave me nightmares. You know what else gives me nightmares? The way the bad rock band Disturbed raped the song recently.

5. "In the Cage/The Cinema Show/Duke’s Travels/Afterglow" — A medley of older Peter Gabriel tunes ("Cage" and "Cinema") meshed with a couple of proggy Collins-era numbers. I just love "Cinema Show," both the song and just going to the movies and eating some popcorn. That makes me happy. When I go I say "boof."

6. "Hold On My Heart" — Hold on my friends, I must go to the bathroom, and this is when to do it.

7. "Home By The Sea" — No other song epitomizes the change Genesis went through in the early ’80s. Schizophrenia comes in the form of both pop and prog here.

8. "Follow You, Follow Me" — Just follow me to the beer line during this song, and if things go right, we’ll be back in our seats before the incredible climax of this tune.

9. "Firth of Fifth/I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" — A medley of two songs from "Selling England By the Pound," which many consider the band’s finest effort with Gabriel. I wonder if Pete’s out there thinking he could sing these better. I hope that’s the case.

10. "Mama" — Thankfully this is not about the annoying-as-hell character played by Vicki Lawrence. My late grandmother used to love the character. I wish I could write, "My late grandmother used to love the late character." I can’t though.

11. "Ripples" — An oldie but a goodie, Phil’s voice gets really high on this one. Can he still do it?

12. "Throwing It All Away" — Here’s my chance to revisit the bathroom. Who’s with me?

13. "Domino" — I gotta say, I never cared for this 10-minute tune. I promise that I’ll be happy enough at this point not to fall asleep, though.

14. Drum solo — With apologies to Neal Peart: Um, don’t you wish these ended in the ’80s?

15. "Los Endos" — Here’s another I never really cared for because it seems so thrown together. Basically, this is an instrumental mash-up of many tunes. Lazy, but still fun.

16. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" — I’ve never really decided if I like this song. I’ll let you know after Sunday. Will you wait for me?

17. "Invisible Touch" — I know it’s not cool to like this song, but I’ve never really cared about being cool. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I’m just not so cool, and that’s why I can freely admit to thinking this song is catchy as all hell.

18. "I Can’t Dance" — No song epitomizes me at weddings better than this one (although, put a few in me and …), but that still doesn’t make this a decent tune. Nope, it doesn’t.

19. "The Carpet Crawlers" — I love this tune, and it saddens me that it’s only one of two songs from "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" that’s going to be played Sunday. In fact, I think I’m going to end this column now because I’m so sad about this.

Seriously, though, hopefully this setlist gets you as excited as I am about Sunday. I don’t think I’ll sleep Saturday night.

OK, I’m done. See you in the bathroom during "Hold On My Heart." But, ladies, you’re not allowed in there, although I remember seeing Madonna at the Civic Center and there were more women in the men’s room than men. I didn’t mind, I guess.

© New Haven Register, by Patrick Ferrucci

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