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Genesis Reunion-Concert 1998 The Resurrection of a Legend

NEWS: "Sluggish ticket sales, a cancelled US-tour - Genesis in a crisis?"

TONY BANKS: "Not at all! In our career we went through so many setbacks that we have become immortable long ago. Perhaps we took on too much with "Calling All Stations", but for a debut-album of a strictly speaking new band the sales are not bad at all." NEWS:"Why do you actually carry on after the exit of Collins?"

MIKE RUTHERFORD: " In a musical sense we have still much to say. Genesis have always been much more than only a front man. The band has still become more important than the individual musicians."

NEWS: " But Collins still fills the bigest arenas."

TONY BANKS: "He is a brilliant showman with world class songs. His split from Genesis was only a question of time. We are proud of the fact, that his success is based on Genesis, nevertheless we are not dependent on him."

NEWS: "Why was "Calling All Stations" torn to pieces by the music press?"

RAY WILSON: "It is not a candid shot but an album for eternity. In future the people will learn to love this work. We are proud of it."

NEWS: "Will there ever be a fourth Genesis-singer?"

TONY BANKS: "No way. We will never again undertake this ordeal."

NEWS: "What are your plans for the 30th anniversary?"

TONY BANKS: "We are planning a huge concert with ex-members from Gabriel to Collins. Maybe the world will then finally realize our real importance." Of course I am aware of the fact that a reunion-concert (like on 2 oct 1982) has always been a dream of many Genesis fans and there have always been speculation on this topic in the last twenty years.

Nevertheless in my opinion the probability that this event will really

take place is this time high:

- The information is from a reliable source: It is Tony Banks himself who announced it. This means that at least the existing members plan this concert.

- According to my information the Box-set is due to be released this autumn: The reunion-gig would be a good promotion.

- Phil´s Tarzan soundtrack is postponed until 1999: So he will have time to do it (at least playing drums); the relationship between him and the band is still good and he has never precluded the possibility to play with them again.

- Peter has spared no effort to rerecord "The Lamb-Live" and the new version of "Carpet Crawlers": So he is still involved in the Genesis-family. By the way: In 1982 he or rather Womad was in financial problems and Genesis helped him with the reunion-gig. This time the circumstances are opposite: Though Genesis are not in financial problems it is a fact that the album sales are not breathtaking (especially in the US; worldwide 1.5 million sold albums so far: CAS is still doing well in the German album charts: This week number 32 and this in the fifth month after release) and the US tour was cancelled. I have no doubt that Peter will help his old companions to settle his "old debt".

- In the article above only Phil and Peter are mentioned but strictly speaking Tony said "... with ex-members from Gabriel to Collins...": So I am sure that Steve Hackett, who released "GenesisRevisited" last year will participate if he is asked by Tony.


© Vorarlberg/Austria, by Josef R. Lercher

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