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Genesis Of A World Tour Starts In Toronto

Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins haven't toured together in 15 long years, but aside from a few rusty moments, they sound as great as ever. Have the boys in the band experienced any jitters over getting back together again and what's been their toughest challenge? "I suppose playing the right notes actually to be honest. Because it's a 2 1/2-hour set," explains Rutherford. "It's quite a long show and we're playing from across all our catalogue, you know, and some of the early songs. They're harder because we were, you know, younger and fitter. And we were playing faster then, and so when we started rehearsing, it took awhile to get us back up to speed again."

But Phil Collins, the undisputed superstar of the group, doesn't buy all that worry about age. "I've been called a wrinkled rocker for many years now, without the Genesis reunion," he laughs. "I feel remarkably clean actually, wrinkled but clean, because ... there's no other reason to do this other than just the fact that we actually wanted to do it. We wanted to play together."

It's kind of like the lionized laying down with the lambs.

Genesis's public rehearsal is a one night only affair. Fans can see them for real when they hit BMO Field on Friday - the first time any group has ever played in the new stadium.

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