'Genesis: Live Over Europe 2007' Due Nov. 20th

"LIVE OVER EUROPE 2007" features 21 songs spanning the diverse eras of the group's career, from such early gems as "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)," "In The Cage," and "Carpet Crawlers" to such late-'70s classics as "Ripples," "Afterglow," and "Follow You Follow Me" to such major hits as "Invisible Touch," "Land Of Confusion," and "I Can't Dance." Joining Banks (keyboards), Collins (vocals, drums), and Rutherford (guitars) on stage were longstanding touring Genesis members Daryl Stuermer (guitars) and Chester Thompson (drums).

Produced and mixed by Nick Davis, "LIVE OVER EUROPE 2007" is a complete replication of the Genesis 2007 shows, featuring the exact set list of the tour, in the same running order. Containing over two hours of Genesis music, the package also includes a 24-page booklet and a link to exclusive extra content on-line. In addition to the physical CD release, a special iTunes Exclusive Edition features the 21 tracks plus a video bundle.

ImageThe European tour saw Genesis play for 1.4 million fans, earning rave reviews from the public and media alike. The Times of London called the show "Passionate, energetic, imaginative... Brilliant." The European leg wrapped up with a spectacular free concert before 500,000 fans at Rome's ancient Circo Massimo. The biggest Genesis concert ever, the event is captured on the forthcoming DVD, "GENESIS: WHEN IN ROME 2007," slated for release in February 2008. The package will also include a second disc featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage documenting the entire tour, beginning with the band's first rehearsals in October 2006.

A 25-city tour across North America followed in September and October 2007, again generating enormous acclaim from coast to coast. To match its impressive musical scope, the Genesis tour featured a stunning stage presentation, with a visually dramatic set designed by Mark Fisher and brilliant lighting designed by Patrick Woodroffe. For the outdoor stadium shows, the band premiered the largest video screen ever used in a concert setting, spanning 210 feet in width and rising to a height of 40 feet.

The release of "LIVE OVER EUROPE 2007" coincides with the same-day release of the Atlantic/Rhino boxed set, "GENESIS: 1983-1998," the second of three historic boxed sets marking the complete upgrade of the Genesis catalog. The 5-CD/5-DVD collection spotlights four studio albums -- "GENESIS," "INVISIBLE TOUCH," "WE CAN'T DANCE," and "CALLING ALL STATIONS" -- plus "EXTRA TRACKS," a compilation only available in this set. Featured are new stereo mixes of the original albums on CD, along with DVDs including each original album in 5.1 DTS Surround Sound, plus bonus videos and new exclusive interviews with band members. The collection gathers more than three hours of previously unreleased video as well as photo galleries featuring rare pictures and tour memorabilia.

2007 marks the 40th Anniversary of the first official recording session by the original Genesis line-up, which featured British schoolmates Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, and Anthony Phillips. Since then, the story of Genesis has been an extraordinary saga, marked by distinct eras that each spawned groundbreaking and influential music. The departure of Anthony Phillips in 1970 led to the addition of Phil Collins and Steve Hackett. With Gabriel's departure in 1975, Collins assumed the lead vocal position. And with Hackett's departure two years later, then there were three, with Rutherford taking on double guitar and bass duties.

Despite personnel changes that would have been the undoing of groups of lesser character and vision, Genesis continued to enjoy a rare combination of steady growth in popularity and continued musical evolution. By the time the Banks/Collins/Rutherford line-up played its last live show in November 1992, Genesis had recorded 14 studio albums, sold some 130 million records (a figure now up to 150 million), and played over 1,400 live shows to a total of 15 million people. Coming back together 15 years later, Genesis proved that the band's timeless music remains as powerful and moving as ever, four decades down the line.



Disc I

1.  Dukes Intro (Manchester)
2.  Turn It On Again (Amsterdam)
3.  No Son Of Mine (Amsterdam)
4.  Land Of Confusion (Helsinki)
5.  In The Cage including excerpts from Cinema Show and Dukes Travels (Manchester)
6.  Afterglow (Manchester)
7.  Hold On My Heart (Hanover)
8.  Home By The Sea (Dusseldorf/Rome)
9.  Follow You, Follow Me (Paris)
10. Firth Of Fifth (excerpt) (Manchester)
11. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (Manchester)

Disc II

1.  Mama (Frankfurt)
2.  Ripples (Prague)
3.  Throwing it All Away (Paris)
4.  Domino (Rome)
5.  Conversations With 2 Stools (Munich)
6.  Los Endos (Twickenham)
7.  Tonight Tonight Tonight (excerpt) (Rome)
8.  Invisible Touch (Rome)
9.  I Can't Dance (Munich)
10. Carpet Crawlers (Manchester)

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